Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meat Pie

Pie Pie , if you learn how to make this crust you can make a thousand of other recipes just by changing the filling. You can use chicken,vegetable,cheese...

3 cups white flour
200g cold butter
1 egg yolk
1/3 cup water ( depending on the humidity )
1 pound ground beef
1/2 yellow onion
3 garlic cloves
2 carrots 
tsp thyme
1 cube beef stock ( or 1 cup if liquid )
1 tbsp tomato paste
salt and pepper to taste

Hope you all enjoyed it loves of my heart , next week we will have strawberry tart to watch. And thanks Vimeo for picking this great frame of me to be the firt one! 


  1. I'm so cooking meat pie tonight. I love the video!!!

  2. I loved the blog ! muahhh

  3. I loved everything !

  4. you are really great and amusing!It's fun to learn from you!

  5. hi, this looks great - i just have 1 question - how long do you bake the pie for?

  6. @ Megan - It depends on your oven but until the crust looks shiny yellow on top and light brown on the edges. it normally takes around 25-35min.

  7. hi, this recipe is really good! i have already made this 3 times! 2 of which we made smaller pies that we froze so that on days we did not want to cook we could just stick it in the oven - worked really well :). although i did not use your filling recipie - we made a few different ones (steak and kidney, mutton curry and pepper steak). thanks for sharing this!

  8. How long do you let your dough sit and in what temperature?

  9. hey Raiza, could you make little circles with the dough then put the filling in then fold it and then bake it, instead of placing it in a baking dish, but instead make it like individual hot pie packets? :) thanks!

  10. Hi Julia, I never tried but I guess you can. Just make sure to make some kind of hole for the steam to scape.

  11. Olá Raiza!
    Sou do Brasil e acompanho seu blog também! Gostaria de saber se a torta pode conter recheios doces ao invés dos salgados. Encontrei muita dificuldade com massas de tortas, gostaria de tentar sua receita, mas prefiro tortas doces!

    Muito obrigada!

  12. Pode sim, a massa é bem neutra e vai bem até mesmo com recheios doces mas vou lhe sugerir algo, tenho uma receita maravilhosa de massa doce parecida com essa, a receita esta na torta de kumquat e seria mais ideal para os recheios doces.

  13. Oi Raiza!!
    teu blog é muito fofo e as receitas são ótimas... fiz o croissant e ficou perfeito!!! vale a pena a trabalheira hahah
    Por acaso tu sabes que bolacha substituir quando usar os "graham crackers" aqui no brasil?? daria pra ser algo tipo bolacha maria?
    E nessa receita, quanto tempo tu deixas a massa descansando? Ela fica na geladeira? obrigada!!

  14. Hey Raiza!! I love your cooking blog and can't wait to try out more recipes. I was just wondering, could you tell me where you got your tart pan? I love it, and would like to get one for myself.

  15. good information.. Veru interesting. i love this.