Friday, October 22, 2010

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

If you ask me what my favorite American recipe is, I´m certainly going to say, "chee chee cheesecake". 

The recipe I made is a classic tall cheesecake recipe with a not-so-classic topping. This cheesecake is baked in a hot water bath, which prevents cracks caused by the coagulation of the eggs on the batter. After it's baked, you let it cool completely before you unmold it to prevent a catastrophe.The crust is made with cinnamon graham crackers which gives a mysterious spice flavor at the end of each bite.
I didn't get to know cheesecake until I was already grown-up. I was traveling back from NY to Brazil (I didn´t live here at the time) and cheesecake was served as a dessert on the plane (what a sad way to get to know any food!). The word "cheese" had never been a part of my dessert vocabulary before, so I had never tried cheesecake in my youth. But after this great dessert experience, that only airlines can provide, my hunt for great cheesecake began.

My favorite so far is from Magnolia Bakery here, in NY, but I do´t get a cheesecake every time I turn the corner. I am sure there are many nice places to get a good old-school cheesecake.

Variations can be done easily just by changing the topping. Instead of caramel pecan you could pour jams, fresh fruits, chocolate ganache or simply sprinkle some powdered sugar over it.

250g(or 1/2 pound)Cinnamon graham cracker
4 tbsp unsalted butter(melted) 
If your graham cracker doesn't have sugar crust add 1/4 cup sugar and 1 extra tbsp of butter)
2 1/2 pounds cream cheese(1kg and 130g at room temperature)
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
Caramel topping:
3/4 cup sugar
3 tbsp water
12 tbsp heavy cream
Handful of pecans to sprinkle on top

Just like magic cheese becomes desert... what a wonderful world!


  1. Dear Raiza
    Your recipes are wonderful .Great job with the video as well.
    Just a suggestion -forget the routine of popping up from behind the counter.Your recipes are good as it is.That jumping routine just makes it all look a bit childish ad silly.
    All the best

  2. Hello Sheri,
    I love when people express their true opinions and thanks for doing that.
    I know popping out behind the counter is super silly, but just represents who I am ( very ultra silly person). I'm trying to be as honest as I can in this blog and pretending I'm some sort of serious, professional chef would not be me.
    thanks anyways and I hope you keep watching me (even hating all the silliness)

  3. Your recipes are absolutly wonderful and I really like your playfulness in the video. make it different and fun to watch. please continue! xxx

  4. I meant "makes" sorry =)

  5. Thank you Anonymous friend.I'm glad you like it and YES, I will continue =)

  6. WOW this looks incredible all around! You blog and photography are superb!! :)

  7. As soon as I heard your voice, I thought "Eu acho que ela é brasileira!" and then I heard the samba music and went louca! haha Lovely video. Eu gostei muito da musica e especialmente do cheesecake YUM! A próxima vez, você deve falar um pouco em português :D...a língua mais bonita das todas as línguas nas Américas na minha opinião. (I hope you can understand my Portuguese. It is my third language.)

    P.S. I like your playfulness in the video. Jump up behind the counter as much as you want! Show your true personality :).

  8. Wow...your cheesecake look amazing! Yummy ;d

  9. Hi Raiza,

    I made your cheesecake last night for a Christmas party I am having this evening. Making the topping here in a few hours so it will be fresh for when my friends arrive. :)

    I'm using walnuts instead of pecans, but I think with the cinnamon it will be a nice, festive flavor. Especially since it will accompany some hot spiked apple cider!



    P.S. I am not Portuguese, but I am half Spanish. And personally, I greatly enjoy fun accents! :)

  10. Hi Jamye,
    I'm sure walnuts will be just as good as pecans.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas party and your guests enjoyed the cheesecake.
    Thanks for watching me.

  11. Where are the baking instructions?

  12. Hey, I recently found your blog and I absolutely adore your recipes and especially your videos.

    I wanted to ask you, do u think it would be okey if I add couple of spoons of Baileys and use dulce de leche instead of the caramel topping? :-)

    Wish you all the best,

  13. Found your blog last week and made your amazing cheesecake for a friend's birthday party. It was a huge hit! Just wonderful and I loved your video instructions! I was hoping to upload a pic but I can't seem to find how to do that on here...thanks for sharing this, Raiza!

  14. @Jessica It makes me really really extremely happy when someone tells me they made my recipe and they loved it. Thank you sooooo much for stooping by just to say that =)
    Now about the pic I guess I can't help with that, have no idea how to do it. hahahaha


  15. hi! i'm just wondering what size springform you used? and also what camera! thanks!

  16. Dear Raiza, you are absolutely funny and your recipes are great; i want to try to make this cheesecake for next friends dinner!

    p.s. I liked so much the music you put in the video, could you tell me which is?

    Kisses from Italy!!!

  17. Hey gorgeous it's sue from Egypt,u are fantastic and love how cute and childish u are u remind me of myself:) would like to ask you for a favor please,i wanna surprise mom and she loves cheesecake but i never baked it before i always make a no bake cheesecake but this looks awesome and i only have 2 boxes of cream cheese each is 250 grams and only 1 sour cream also 250 grams and i dont want to ruin the recipe so can u write me a recipe with my ingredients coz i dont know how to make less amount since i dont have it all thanks so excited to bake it

  18. And i will also try ur chocolate hazelnut tart:)

  19. And im new here can u explain how to make my pic appear on ur comments:)

  20. Hi Sue, how are you?
    So if you only have 500g of cream cheese(two 250g each) all you have to do is cut all the ingredients in half. You are only adding 1/2 cup of sour cream instead of 1 cup and also use a smaller baking pan as well. Very easy then, just use half of all the ingredients.Good luck =)

  21. Hello, this looks fantastic and I'm excited to try it! Quick question, what size springform pan did you use?

    Thanks, lots of love.

  22. Hi, I used a 9 inches spring form =)

  23. Hi, I like your recipes, but the reason I watch you instead of someone else is your just having a good time.

    Thats what cooking should be, why would I watch someone who isnt a pro but acts like one ?

    Love the silly moves, music and that your being yourself! Also recommend the foaccia with prosuitto to other readers.

    All the best girl!
    God bless <><

  24. Hi Raiza! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes and lovely, lovely music!!!! You need to find a new place to hide though. Because i know you are hiding behind that counter everytime. If we were playing hide and seek, i would so win!!!! Lots of love! BB

  25. Seu blog é excelente!! Parabéns!!
    Só uma pergunta, vc sabe como podemos achar o sour cream no Brasil? Ou se vc tem alguma receita para fazer um sour cream em casa?

  26. Ola, voce pode substituir o sour cream por yogurte natural, funciona perfeitamente =)

  27. I was doing research for a caramel pecan cheesecake and I was delighted to find your video and blog! You are super, super cute! You definitely put a smile on my face...thank you! I will try this soon and let you know how it turns out! Thanks for sharing :)

  28. Oh dear it looks gorgeous. I love the staging as well! Very pretty.

  29. Hey Razia, I am from Australia and I love your blog, I have trief a few of your recipes and have all turned out so well, I am baking your cheese cake now but have notice a big crack around the top, what did I do wrong?.... Still looks delicious but just a big crack..hahaha

  30. Oi Raiza, conheci seu blog depois de assistir alguns vídeos no youtube somente há alguns dias, mas vi que não tem essa receita traduzida em portugues, poderia traduzí-lo por favor?

  31. I'm baking it right now Raiza. It's for my husband's 41st birthday tomorrow. Thank you for the recipe. It's baking in the oven right this minute. Hope mine unmoulds ok. :S Wish me luck! :) Greetings from Singapore. Good luck on Masterche 3f!

  32. Olá Raiza!

    Chamo-me Joana e sou portuguesa, e já visito o teu blog faz algum tempo. Adoro os teus videos e todo o teu material de cozinha, super giro! :)

    Desta vez estou decidida a fazer o teu cheesecake, tenho só uma pequena pergunta, o que é que significa "sour cream" ? são as natas mais azedas? Tenho algum receio de utilizar as natas erradas e não ficar com um cheesecake tão bonito como o teu!

    Obrigada! Beijinhos e continua o bom trabalho!

  33. Hello, Raiza. Your recipes are great ! Your video clips seem fun & casual, but i think you're smart with your baking. Sigma

  34. Hi Raiza .
    your recipes are amazing . !!
    can I ask you , if you have an account at instagram and twitter ?
    I want to follow you :) .

    1. Sorry, I don't, but you sure can follow me on FB;) is it enough? hahaha

  35. Raizaaaa!
    Descobri teu blog há um ano quando procurava receitas de macaroon... me apaixonei! :) além de receitas E DICAS ótimas, amo a trilha sonora!!!
    Pego qd vc coloca no Face, mas nao achei a desse vídeo!!! Tens como passar POR FAVOR? brigada!!! bjossss

  36. Hey Raiza!!

    Great recipes gal :)love them all n i soo want to try this one, t looks heavenly!! but i hve a problem, back here at my place u don't get sour cream
    so was wondering if i cud substitute it with something else.

    Greetings from INDIA :).

  37. Hey, I have a question. Is there anyway I could make this recipe in little cupcakes format?

  38. Dear Raiza,

    Thank you so much for the amazing recipes and wonderful personality, I wish you would make a video on how to perfectly cut the cheesecake and I really wish that you make recipes about brownies and fudge.. Thank You once more

    Best Regards,
    Ali from Kuwait

  39. If you are super creative or at least want to be, put all your effort to create a cool filling cause mostly you won't be able to play with the shell.

  40. You are absolutely amazing!!! You are funny, and your recipes are fun to watch & make!! Please continue to do what you do! I made your cheesecake a couple of times now, and it came out perfect every single time. In my country (Israel) we don't have Graham's Crackers, so I replaced it with Lotus biscuits and it turned out pretty great. Love your work, keep on doing it!!!!!! ;)

  41. Oh my goodness, you are too cute! I'll definitely try out this recipe, and hopefully I'll remember to tell you how it goes.

  42. Hi Raiza, your cheesecake looks gorgeous and drooling. :-)I love so much anything related to Caramel and butterscotch with combination of pecans. So lovely :-). Anyway, do you have a facebook fanpage and you tube link? I'd like to follow all your cake recipes :-)

  43. Hi Raiza :) I have been looking all over ther web for a cheese cake with pecans for my dad's 70th birthday (his two faves, cheesecake and nuts). This looks perfect and I loved your little video, so cute! Thank you so much for sharing, you've made me smile this morning! I'm off to the supermarket to buy the ingredients :)
    Caz, Tasmania-Australia

  44. Hello Raiza!! U're recipes are fantastically decadent and easy at once, u're videos addictive and entertaining, and u're music choice: impeccable!! Thank u 4 spreading around all that happiness, beauty, and taste.

  45. Hola Raiza! Finally I catches up your blog after a long time! :p
    Anyway I would love to ask you a question if I bake this cake layer by layer will it work? Just for your info, at Sarawak, Malaysia we are very well known with our layer cake (kek lapis) so I'm thinking of layering this recipe but curiosity kill my imagination. So, please give me some tips, I really adore the look because it seem to be so smoooooothhhhh... Help me Raiza! (pleaseeeeeeeee) ^______________^

    1. Hello, well, You can layer it but certainly not as thin as kek lapis . You'd have to bake them separately thinly with wax paper on the bottom so you can flip them over . Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  46. Oi raiza, o que eu posso usar para substituir o sour cream aqui no brasil? Eu queria muito fazer esta receita, gostei bastante!

  47. Dear Raiza, I will trying doing this cheescake. It looks awesome! I noticed that you did not grease the spring form with butter or oil before placing the crust. Did I miss something here? Thanks, William

  48. Hi Raiza
    I am from Brazil but am leaving this note in English so that everyone can understand it! This is the best cheesecake recipe EVER! I did it for a dinner party I had at home and everyone loved it!!! Your recipe is amazing, thank you so much for sharing! All the best and merry Christmas!!!
    PS.: If you ever have a chance to post a Crème Brûlée recipe I would love it! ;)

  49. Hi Raiza
    I love all your videos, everytime u make a great job, wanna ask u something.I do not have here sour cream but i have cream fresh do u think they are the same and both can give the same result. pls. give me a replay so i can start to try it

    1. Hello, if you are talking about Creme fraichê you can absolutely substitute it for sour cream and it will even taste better. Now, if you are just talking about heavy cream then the answer is no. You can also substitute the sour cream for natural yogurt ;)