Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super recommendation: Eataly from Mario Batali

First of all...can I move there? Eataly is the most impressive gastronomic center I've ever visited in my whole life. This place has over 43,000 square feet filled with the finest ingredients from Italy and the U.S.
I was so anxious and excited about being there that I didn't actually know what to do when I first got there. I was looking everywhere thinking, "Should I take pictures or should I buy a piece of focaccia, should I order a plate of cheese or should I take fresh mozzarella home?" I was insaaaaane !

I tried the bakery's brassola foccacia and it was the best one I ever tasted in my life, so moist, and only $3.80 for each piece.
The funniest thing is that there are no walls and as you walk through the place you pass by each station with the selected restaurant and packaged items. In front of the bakery counter there are shelfs with infinite types of handmade dry pasta for example.
There are tables -- but no chairs -- scattered about the space where you can taste what you bought or ordered. I ordered a cheese plate with proscuitto and a glass of rose for $22. There is only one restaurant that requires reservations called Manzo, but there are no walls to separate it from the rest of the environment.

Leone miniature chocolates
Left:food I ordered there-Right:inside my shopping bag

In addition to the good selection of meet and fish in my shopping bag I also bought this amazing yellow butter that smells like cheese and tastes like heaven, hand packaged in rustic cute paper (125g for $5).
If you are looking for a nice selection of fine, high-quality products at fair prices you should definitely check this out. Most of the packaged product brands are on I had never seem in my life. But you can trust that everything they carry is going to taste good. I would also recommend it for a glass of wine, pictures, chat, lunch ... anything. This place is spectacular!
Location: 200 5th AVENUE . NEW YORK, NY 10010


  1. omg. now, eately is my kind of place. what a great place to pass the time!!