Friday, November 5, 2010

Super recommendation: Sant Ambroeus at NYC

This classic itatian pasticceria and confetteria remains true to its Milanese origins. It first opened in 1936, and didn't move to New York until later on. Their brunch, lunch, and dinner menus look great, but the pastries are what I was there for, and they were unbelievable. As everyone knows, my sweet tooth makes me put dessert first and I didn't have to think twice about where to go to satisfy my craving.  I had their signature desert called Sant Ambroeus (below) which is basically a chocolate mousse cake filled with chocolate custard; very, very chocolaty, but just sweet enough . I also had a bite of their Gianduia (left) which is a hazelnut sponge cake, hazelnut wafer, hazelnut cream, giandua mousse all coated with a milk chocolate glaze. It tasted very nutty. Everything was served perfectly. It was very frou-frou with all the embellishments that pastry chefs tend to put on desserts. It makes you not only want to buy it, but to attack it like a hungry cheetah . After my visit, nothing sounds better than going to Sant Ambroeus on a chilly evening and enjoying pastries and a cappuccino.
Sant Ambroeus 

For lunch they also serve paninis on an incredible, salty foccacia that range between $14 and $16 .

Best pastry i've ever tried in NYC.

I visited their West Village location at 259 W 4th Street.