Monday, November 22, 2010

Triple layer chocolate mousse

This recipe not only looks fantastic, but since it's triple the chocolate, it's also triple the yumminess. 
This mousse calls for white, milk and dark chocolate, and the texture is very light and fluffy. The dark chocolate cuts the sweetness of the white and milk chocolate, making it a perfectly balanced sweet.

5 egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 envelop(15g) unfavored gelatin dissolved in:
1/4 cup hot water
1 3/4 cup heavy cream
150g dark chocolate (I used 60%)
150g milk chocolate
150g white chocolate
(all the chocolates should be finely chopped to easily melt)
1 tbsp vegetable oil (or any other oil)for greasing the pan

tip: If your last layer gets too dry from standing waiting for the other layers to cool, just give it a hot water bath before pouring it over the other two layers. This detail will make the batter loose enough to become easily spreadable and will make things easier. Mine was actually a little too dry and I had a hard time trying to spread it evenly over the top. The right texture should be loose enough to spread itself along the spring form just by making circular motion with your hands.


  1. hey raiza, its eric! just came to your site for the first time and everything looks amazing! with one video youve inspired me to give my mom's cia offer a second consideration. keep it up, i'll be coming back!

  2. That was kind of awesome. Honestly after getting your email I just about marked it spam, but figured I'd drop by and have a look first. Your video was much longer than anything I'd normally watch, but I got all the way through it laughing. Nicely done:-)

    Always nice meeting another NY food blogger.

  3. Why choose between types of chocolate when you can have all three? This mousse looks absolutely delicious!

  4. I stumbled across your website, this chocolate mousse cake looks amazing!! I enjoyed your video, it's super cute and funky, what was that last song playing in the background? I really like it!

  5. @Jenny
    Yeah, that song is awesome. It is called " Baby I'm yours feat.Irfane from Breakbot"
    thanks for stopping by

  6. I love your blog and recipes, but i get a bit confused with all that 1cup , 1 1/2cup , 3/4cup :)
    i tried with online converter but it is different for flour,sugar,iceing i'm afraid i'll make mistake and my cakes won't be as good. could you please write also in grams and milliliters???

  7. Hi, I also prefer the recipes in grams when I'm cooking but most people don't have a scale but they always have a cup set, this is the reason why i write everything in cups. A cup set costs almost nothing and it comes with 1cup,1/2,1/3 and 1/4.Every time I post the recipe in grams people complain that they don't know how to convert or they get confused to convert using the conversion chart =(
    I'm gonna try to also add the grams measurements from now and on.

  8. Made your triple
    Chocolate mousse yesterday!! Amazing! Mines got a lIttle hard and o had to spread it with a spoon but it came out perfect!!
    Thank you soo much for the delicious recipes!! Post more please :)

  9. Hiiii :D omg thatsss sooooo yummy i sooo wanna try it .. But I dont have the gelatin :( is it okey to not use it???

  10. I have just found your blog, it's really amazing! I plan to prepare this mousse cake (and also some moulded pralines with the same layers). Can you tell me the size (diameter) of your spring form? Thx!

  11. Hi, the size is 9in or 22 cm. =)

  12. Hiiii!

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago and now I'm addicted! I love your energy and how you combine cooking/baking with fun! It's so much nicer to learn things from you than to read them in a cooking book or to watch some boring (and too ernest) "how to-video"...

    Please stay so great

    I'm looking forward to your next recipes!

    Greetings from Vienna ;-)

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  21. hi there - re your " arco post" thursday evening please pm and we will definatley get back to you there a bit expensive but good
    j dentims

  22. Hey umm, should the arrangement of the layers be like that? can i put the dark chocolate at the bottom first? :D

  23. Hiiiii
    I've just explored your blog! It's amazing! I love watching ur videos soo inspirational :)
    You make me laugh and draw a smile on my face .. :)

    I'm talking to you from the Middle East, I'm an Arab :D and a fan of you!

    wish you post more!!

    & the most important thing is that I made this last night! and it was Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy !! Couldn't believe I made it and it succeedded !:D :D <3

    I had some trouble in using the heavy cream and tried to find something that subtitutes it but finally I used a regular whipping cream and it worked! i donno whethere they r the same or not :P


  24. Hello! Um i tried making this. Um there are really a lot of things to take note here. So here goes.

    1. Vary out your brand on chocolate you are using. Why it helps is that some chocolate maker obviously dont know what dark chocolate and milk chocolate is. It taste almost the same.
    2. I made mine without gelatin and it just turned out a little more watery but it still holds the mixture. Becareful when you dont use gelatin. Leaving it out in refrigerater temperature for a period of time can leave you with what you started of with- melted chocolate with egg wolks and whipped cream.
    3. If you are using those pans wherw you cant pusthe mousse out of the pan, it'll be good to grease only the bottom of the pan.

    Thats all. And.... Raiza, could you make a video on the caramel ball? The one that looks like a round bird nest? It'll be great. Thanks

  25. How many portion can i do ?

  26. Hai Raiza! I love your videos.... and your songs...what is the first song playing? I love it so much its driving me crazy not knowing where to find it...

  27. I made it
    I made it !!!
    turned SO good, creamy, rich mousse !

    thank you for this recipe.
    Totally loved it!
    here is a pic of the one I made ;)
    though it's not as pretty as yours :P

  28. Hi Sunny, you're lighting my life n you're so adorable! and this mousse is wonderful ! I love your videos and the way you are.

    Raiza my sunny help me please, what is the song @2:05? I really want it. I hope you answer and I'm waiting 4 ya lovely

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  30. may i know which type of milk that you use for?

  31. I LOVE your recipes. They are so easy to follow and I love watching your videos.

  32. I made this triple chocolate mousse! It was super easy.. and the best part is that it tasted amazing and delicious =D thank u so much for the recipe! love your videos xx

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