Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pistachio French Macarons

Most people are scared of making macarons but I truly don't see a reason for it. First, they are simple as long as you use the right amount of ingredients your recipe calls for. Second, they are relatively cheap so you can play around until you get the right result. The reason why so many people fail making macarons it's because they tend to skip small steps when following a recipe but, to make this delicate pastry each small step is a big step, don't judge what's relevant or not, just follow me, I will end your days of fear!
Some people think the filling of the macaron is as important as the cookie itself but, this is not how I think. Nothing pays the pleasure of having a delicate crunch and soft moist macaron shell in your mouth, whatever comes after (filling) is just an extra kick (but i can't deny the filling helps to make the shell even more moist). If you are super creative or at least want to be, put all your effort to create a cool filling cause mostly you won't be able to play with the shell =(

inside the macaron after bitten 
adapted from Helene Dujardin 
Ingredients for:
the shell:
90 g egg whites (about 2 medium eggs) aged for 1 or 2 days in an airtight container in your refrigerator
30 g granulated sugar
200 g confectionary sugar
55g pistachio (for a classic almond batter just substitute the 55g of pistachio for almonds)
55 g almonds (no skin)
I recommend you to use a scale but if you don't have one you can see the equivalent in cups by clicking here
198 g condensed milk (half can)
1 tsp unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp heavy cream

Are you ready or not?


  1. omg you are so cute in your video!! i love your props and kitchen!

  2. Replies
    1. Love this video. Can't wait to try it.

  3. You and your kitchen are absolutely adorable!
    Thanks for posting this video, it was amazing to see someone actually doing all the steps of making macarons.
    Fingers crossed that I can tame this beast!

  4. Very cute video! Maybe, I might try this sometime. I noticed in the side of your kitchen you have a cookie bible!! Sweet! It is one of my favorite baking books! :)

  5. You make this recipe seem like so much fun and so easy! I look forward to giving Macaroons another try with your helpful step by step video... Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks all of you for your support and kindness, this is what I call my "paycheck"
    Hope never disappoint you =)

  7. I'd like to become a pastry chef but I never made these guys, they always scare me...but in your video seems too easy to make them...thanks for sharing

  8. Hi, can you please help me convert these into cups/tbsp. I looked over the conversion chart you linked, but another website gives quite different measurements ( I am so lost. I'm a macarons newbie, and want this to come out decent.

    Thank you :)

  9. por que todas as suas receitas tem que ser tão boas? damn it!

  10. Hi, thank you for the great video and recipe!
    I copied and pasted it in my blog, feel free to come.


  12. Adorei a receita e o vídeo, amanha mesmo vou tentar fazer. Parabéns, sua cozinha é linda, Marina

  13. Oh my.. I saw these little beauties on Foodbuzz and I simply had to come have a look. They look absolutely delish! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Thanks sooo much for your recipe and video! I've tried to bake macarons five times and they turned out bad... so finally for the sixth time I used your recipe and tips and it worked! THANKS!

  15. hi! i would like to try your recipe but i found I didn't quite get what you were saying about the baking temperature. It sounded like you said to bake at 280 to 415F for 20 minutes? what is the exact times and temps? thanks!!!!

  16. @ Sarah - Hi, I said 280F to 300F for around 12 to 15 minutes until your edges start to brown very very very little. =) if your oven gets too hot use 280. The time in the oven also changes so keep an eye on it . Good Luck

  17. Tomorrow I will follow your tips, because I been tryin and tryin and it never works.


  18. I simply love you, I don't know how many times I tried to do macarons and it was a real desaster but your recipe saved me!! I'm going to follow you to death! =D
    Gongrats for your blog, I loved your videos the second I watched the first one.

  19. Hi dear!
    Great video, these little monsters of goodness!I tried and I failed, but It was another recipe, but I'm willing to try again with your recipe!fingers crossed!

  20. Hi Raiza,
    I love your videos! You are so positive and make me feel like giving macarons a go again after failing two times. I have never used your recipe but I am eager to give it a go. My previous macarons have been really flat and runny (almost unable to pipe) and I think it is because I over mixed my batter. I like colouring my macarons, can I just add the food colouring in the process of folding the egg whites and powdered sugar? Both times I have made macarons, they go into the oven with a vibrant colour then fade to a brown and the colour diappears. When I tried to avoid the colour change, the macarons were undercooked. What have I done wrong? Please help! Can I also use this recipe without the pistachio's (I will make the pistachio ones as well)? Thankyou for your amazing advice xoxo

  21. Macaroons craze has swept asia, but I've never thought of eating them or trying to make them. watching your video make me change me mind, doesnt look too complicated after all.
    btw, You are so cute in the video! I am your new follower :)

  22. Best video ever! Thank you for making it and your explanation of the macaronage is by far the best I've found. Great tips! Look forward to trying again!!

  23. Firstly, thanks for posting your nice and helpful video.

    Do you have any tricks (or experience) to make all the macarons have the same size? I've tried but they came in different size :-(( thinking if I should buy the macaron form.

  24. I have tries five times with different recipes and I always fail, they are always to runny and not thick at all, this time I am going to use your recipe, I really really hope it works I am going to do it exactly as In the video

  25. Hey raiza! Thanks for this wonderful recipe, I have a question... Do you have any advice if the batter is too thick at the end? I did everything as you said step by step and still my batter is way too thick at the end... Should I just add some egg whites afterwards or can I just forget it and throw it away?

    Thanks in Advance! your vids ;-)

  26. Thomas Trevethan Pastry and Confections Las Vegas
    Chef Thomas Trevethan Secrete to the French macaroon!!!

    It all starts with the filling - butter cream can be traditional, but by far not the best flavor it's dense and firm enough to stick the two cookie halves, but the result you will get is a French Macaroon that is to sweet to eat.
    There are another two options, Pate De Fruit or a thickened fruit jelly, or a cocoa butter based ganache which gets our vote as being the best combination of sweetness from the cookie and acidy from the fruit.

    Basic Macaroon Cookie
    Based on Chef Thomas Trevethan recipe we recommend that you mix the egg whites and almond mixture together gently until it 'soft as silk', or until a peak in the batter will slowly sink back down into the rest of the mix.

    1 1/3 cups icing/powdered sugar
    5 oz (1 cup) almond flour or finely ground almonds
    2 large egg whites
    pinch of salt
    1/4 cup granulated sugar
    1/2 teaspoon extract of choice: almond, vanilla, orange, lemon, pistachio... (optional)
    few drops food coloring (optional)

    On four pieces of parchment, trace 1-inch (2.5 cm) circles about 1 inch apart. Flip each sheet over and place under your baking paper.
    Sift almond flour and icing sugar together into a bowl. In a clean, dry bowl whip the egg whites with salt on medium speed to stiff peaks. The whites should be firm stiff and shiny.
    With a soft spatula, fold in the icing sugar mixture into the egg whites until completely incorporated together.
    Fit up a piping bag with a 1.1 cm round tip, pipe in spiral shaped circles and then let sit for 2 hours until a shell forms on the French Macaroons.
    Heat the oven to 165C/335F and bake for 9 to 10 minutes, or until set and firm on top. Rotate the baking sheets after 5 minutes for even baking.
    Remove the French macaroons from oven and transfer parchment to a cooling rack. When cool, slide a metal offset spatula or pairing knife underneath the French macaroon to remove from parchment.

    Match up your same size French Macaroons and pipe your favorite filling then enjoy.

    Thank you for reading from Thomas Trevethan Pastry and Confections, it is our hope that you will return soon, see more of our Macaroons at

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  28. Love your videos.
    what are the names of the songs in this video?

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  30. Hahahahaha I love this video!! You are so pretty and full of energy! Can't stop smiling! I think this is the best video to do macarons I've found! And ths most natural! Haha
    I love your outfit! You are so cute! Thank you for your good vibes! :)

  31. Great video and photos! look so good that I want to attempt making some... Do you use toasted or raw pistachios? If raw, where can I buy them? Thanks for such a great blog! Love it!

  32. i have tried doind your recipe step by step... but while baking in the oven the macarons started cracking at 8mins could you plz help me :)

  33. You're the type of person who makes me laugh with just the way you say it. You are so full of life and fun and we can see all of that through your videos, so beautifully raw.

  34. what can i use in substitute of heavy cream?

    please reply, thank you!!

  35. Oi Raiza!

    Tentei fazer essa receita hoje e quase deu certo! rs

    Duas dúvidas, se você puder me responder, fico muito grata :)

    - Achei que a massa ficou extremamente doce. Posso colocar o pistache com sal mesmo? Eu fiz um processo pra retirar o sal, mas depois fiquei pensando que seria melhor ter deixado com rsrs
    - Qual a posição da grade no seu forno? Vi que ele é elétrico. O daqui de casa também é, e os macarons teimam em ficar moles no meio, não assam, sabe? Eu deixo a grade no meio do forno (tem 3 possibilidades: baixo, meio ou alto), não sei se preciso deixar mais baixa, pra não acontecer isso. Alguma diga?

    Beijos e parabéns de novo pelo blog, adoro te assistir!

  36. Oi Pamela,
    O pistache tem que ser sem sal e se por acaso vc lava-los para retirar o sal voce deve seca-los no forno para voltarem ao estado "normal".
    Meu forno nao é eletrico nao, mas isso nao importa, diria até que fornos eletricos sao mais precisos e melhores para fazer os macarons. O mais dificil é saber se a temperatura do seu esta correta pois a temperatura é uma das coisas que mais influenciam no seu macaron.
    Eu sempre recomendo usar a grade do meio e nunca colocar mais de uma forma, por exemplo, uma em cima e uma embaixo.
    Se os macarons nao secarem antes de ir para o forno eles vao rachar e ficar com a superficie delicada. Se onde vc mora o tempo é muito humido voce pode colocar um ventilador em frente as formas para secar ou ate mesmo um secado no vento FRIO.

  37. Dear Raiza, I have been following your site for awhile now, and am so happy that you have reached a milestone- Gordon Ramsey's show!! Am so excited for you! Btw, I finally mustered the courage to try out this recipe, watched your video over and over again to make sure I don't miss anything.. I followed step by step, but somehow, it was not easy for the dough to 'melt' nicely, it took about 25 seconds to melt-, i kept stirring/folding it in, but it was still the same, so I figured perhaps i have overstirred in the end? Also, would the type of utensil used to stir it make a difference? Maybe that could be the reason, but I would like to check with you just to be sure,.. Thank you so much!! I will put the pictures on my blog, all thanks to you.

    It didn't turn out to be the perfect macarons, but its the first trial, and I will improve the next time round, from my mistakes. It was a little chewy, though the crispiness is there. Did I perhaps leave it in the oven too long? (15 mins) and I pre- heated it.

  38. Hi Li LI,
    The utensils won't make a difference but the fact that you stirred and the batter kept tick means you added too much pistashio/almond powder or you overwhipped your whites making them dry. Most likely the amount of pistachios wasn't right. Did you use a scale?

  39. Dear Raiza,

    Yes I did use the scale -all approximately following the instructions, but maybe I went a little overzealous at the part where you showed how to make the meringue glossy, maybe it is a little dry. About how long should I stir it before it 'melts'? I will change the almond next time, maybe this one contained the skin, I will get the exact one you show in the other video. I will make again after my exams and this time, I will get the plastic to squeeze it out nicely on the tray.

  40. O que seria esse açúcar granulado para as receitas brasileiras? Açúcar cristal?? Obrigada pela receita tão bacana!!!

  41. can u tell me the title of the first song ? i love it !
    thanks <3

  42. Hi Raiza,

    I really like to make macarons and I loved your video and tried to make macarons for the first time. I followed you on video and saw the video over and over to not forgetting any tips. But something was wrong with what I did! The macaronage step was done very good and the dough was melted enough to pipe to the sheet. I kept the macarons for half an hour in order for macarons to be dry. Everything went good till I put them in the oven. They didn't raise at all and I failed. Does it depend on the size of balls I piped? I appreciate your comment on my problem.

  43. I made this recipe a couple of times already and the macarons came out PERFECT! You're an amazing teacher! :)

  44. Hi raiza.. Thanks for the recipe and baking tutorial. It's fantastic... but I have one questions. When my macaroons are baked already, I can't let them off the parchment paper. It's like they stick to it too long :(

    Maybe you have suggestions?

  45. Hi, I made some of this today, but my batter came out flat when piped and spread. I know i over-fold them this time round, but just a question, is this recipe meant to be that sticky? Haha, I cant seem to get the bake ones out from the baking paper.

    And another thing is.. I do not use a normal oven (fan nor gas type) but the thermal heat oven. And my macarons will normally crack at the top before anything else happens. Do i have to raise the temperature higher to ensure faster baking and so the macarons will rise and not crack at the top?

    Please help~ =/

  46. Hey

    I tried so hard to achieve the smooth surface on the top of the macarons but at the end it turned out into rough and ugly looking macarons. Can you suggest me what to do in order to get the smooth top on the macarons? :(

  47. hi! what would you recommend as the confectioner's sugar to almond ratio? Specifically, i have ground almond meal and I would like to use that instead of blitzing the raw almonds/sugar?


  48. great advice and discussing,I will get this amazing for me .thank you!...

  49. chocolate ones, love them!!! nice song, cool to hear you singing ;)

  50. Guys, I'm man and I can't prepair something amazement but macarons - it's easy even for me.

  51. Ola Raiza! Acabei de fazer essa receita, achei que estava indo tudo bem, ate tentar tirar eles do papel manteiga. Estava com a superficie bem fina e quebraram todos, apesar de eu ter deixado secar por uma hora. Nao sei se eh pelo tempo humido de hoje aqui em NY ( 53%) ou se foi por causa do papel mesmo. Eles grudaram e nao saiam de jeito nenhum, resultado: todos quebrados. Help please! Thank you, Viviane.

  52. if your from brazil could you make same sweets ? please ty

  53. Hii Raiza ^.^
    My name is Rolando. I' from Panama (hope you know where it is- central america btw-) I love your videos so much...
    I just wanted to ask you if I could change the heavy cream for milk?
    Please replyyy :(