Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cod Fritters

Cod fritters are a classic dish from Portuguese cuisine and also very popular in Brazil as it was colonized by Portugal. In Brazil  cod fritters are classified as "bar food", that type of food you order when you are drinking chopp (lighter tap beer) in an open area of a bar enjoying the nice view. On the week of April that I spent in Portugal I ordered these several times and sometimes it really disappointed me, I was in a hunt for the perfect cod fritter with a  light batter,strong cod flavor and crispy outside layer (everything well seasoned of course)
The classic cod fritter calls for salted cod (nice to have when your refrigerator is broken as it will "never" go bad)  but then you have to desalt it before cooking, so I don't really see the point here. I used fresh fillets and  couldn't notice any difference at all.
These were the best cod fritters i've ever had, ironically it was made in NY and more ironically ....inside my kitchen =)

1 lb or 450g Cod (fresh fillets)
1 1/2 medium potatos (I used yukon 125g)
4 tbsp olive oil (plus for pan fry)
1/2 small yellow onion finely choped
2 small garlic cloves
1 tsp fresh thyme
3 tbsp fresh parsley finely chopped
pinch on salt
pinch of nutmeg (be carefull with this)
2 eggs (egg whites separated from egg yolks)
Enough oil to cover half of your fritters when frying it (I used 1/2 cup olive oil plus one cup canola oil,the olive oil gives a rich  flavor to it) - go for a small pan fry in order to use less oil
1 match to check out oil temperature

Details that makes all the difference:
1-shred the cod with a cloth , it will break it in tiny bits and make the batter lighter
2-cook your potato with the skin on as it won't soak the water
3-use a food mill to mash it, or a masher, last case a fork
4-after given its shape,let it rest for 30 minutes in your refrigerator before frying it, it will help the batter to set and harden
5-fry it in the right temperature (the match trick will help you) to prevent it from absorbing too much oil and becoming soggy
6-lime drops are indispensable during tasting


  1. This recipe is delicious, I love cod fish!! I am going to have to try this! love the pics as well!

  2. Oh I so can make these, you made these cod fritters sound and look really easy to make. And you just killed me when eating, I want some too.

  3. Awww, você é tão linda! Esses bolinhos de bacalhau são ótimos! Obrigada pelo vídeo. Espero que algum dia vc possa incluír pelo menos algumas palavras em português e tbm o título das cançoes que você usa no seus vídeos. Obrigada de novo.

  4. These look amazing. Wish I could have one!
    Also, I notice that you have lots of new gadgets in your kitchen...very nice
    miss you!

  5. Good to have you back. These bolhinos look amazing and you make everything look so easy and so much fun, I feel like I just have to try them.

  6. Hi Raiza,

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe from Portugal. I especially like your video - it's a lot of fun, wacky and full of surprises:) Can't wait to see your next video.


  7. Hey How ...Let's Go...hauahuauh

    Ok.. I love so much your Pics...I'm such a big fan honey babe!

    Hugs and Kisses and Hugs again

  8. I love the match trick!!!
    I'm vegetarian so I don't eat cod, but I liked the idea to use egg whites to make these lighter in texture, I think my bean fritters are going to taste better... ^_^

  9. Oi!! você é muito divertida e seus vídeos são profissionais! Muito melhor do que esses programinhas chatos de culinária que a gente tem na tv aqui, se a rede globo te descobre a ana maria braga já era! ahuhauha
    achei vc procurando receita de macarons, minina.. sou iniciante na culinária, acho que o macaron ainda é não é pra nível prézinho heheh

  10. Hi, Raiza

    I don't know you remember me, I'm Zulene (Gabriela's mother).
    I've loved your blog. I've seen the "bolinhos de bacalhau", I'll ask my husband to prepare them, I won't dare , because he is good at cooking.
    My specialties are : arros doce, cangica and bolo de fubá (Bruna can tell you, she loves them). I hope he can do them, they look delicious on the picture. If you need some recipes I'll write for you. My e-mail
    Your English is very good, congratulations. Kisses

  11. you're funny! :D watching your video brightens up my day! and made the recipe seems very easy... *thumbs up*

  12. Adoro o teu blog, é fantastico. Adoro a imagem, a decoração e a banda sonora (gostava imenso que partilhasses a banda sonora dos teus videos!!).
    És tão peculiarmente fofa e divertida na cozinha .. acho-te um máximo!


    Os bolinhos (ou pasteis) de bacalhau são as sobras do "bacalhau com todos" (bacalhau com batatas e legumes cozidos) do qual se aproveita somente o bacalhau e a batata.

    Por ser portuguesa e esse ser um prato tipico, fiquei um pouco decepcionada quando li que não valia a pena usar bacalhau seco. A textura é completamente diferente. Nem imagino não sentir a textura das lascas de bacalhau.

    O interior é marcado pela leveza da massa aliada à aspereza das lascas de bacalhau(...) e é isto que o torna divinal! Esta conjugação só é feita com lascas de bacalhau seco! Quando estás a bater a massa tu ves o bacalhau, sentes o bacalhau, o bacalhau ocupa volume!


    O que aqui se faz: Compra-se o bacalhau seco, demolha-se e congela-se (caso não o queiras utilizar de imediato), depois é so descongelá-lo e cozer. Ou compra-se o bacalhau já demolhado congelados.


    Nos restaurantes raramente encontras bolinhos decentes, como o bacalhau é caro fazem overdose de batata -.-



  13. Oi Maria,
    É muito dificil encontrar bacalhau seco aqui nos EUA e por essa razão o substitui. No Brasil sempre usamos o salgado mas eu realmente achei essa receita muito similar em textura e em gosto com os bolinhos que comia no Brasil entao achei que essa substituição não fizesse tanta diferença assim.
    Nao fique decepcionada, os bolinhos estavam quase tao bons quanto o de voces ;)
    Obrigada pela msgem