Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Bread filled with Pastry Cream

I personally like the bakeries where there are a lot of options and I mean, A LOT. Here in the States it's not an easy task to find one because most of the bakeries here sells cakes and desserts but not a big variety of breads, croissants,pastries and sweet breads. This is one of the things I miss the most about Brazil - going to a bakery at 5pm and gathering all sort of fresh baked goodies still warm - of course!
This delicious sweet bread you see here is called Honey Moon bread (very appropriate).With a relatively low kneading and rising process, these pieces of heaven comes with pastry cream on the inside, a coat of coconut milk and condensed milk on the outside with a final coat with coconut. When I'm piping the cream inside the bread (which you have to do while still warm) I try to fill with as much pastry cream as I can and sometimes I end up exploding the whole thing but c'mom, no one wants to eat a dry bread with "ant amount" of cream inside (ant amount=very little)
Another trick that I use to moisten it is to warm the coconut milk and condensed milk before I coat the bread, it helps it to absolves the liquid even more - to die for. When making yours, keep in mind the size of the "balls" as the dough tends to double its size during rising and baking process.

for bread:
1/2 cup warm milk
5 tbsp melted butter
3 eggs
5 tbsp granulated sugar
pinch of salt
1 envelope of dry yeast
500g white flour (approximated)
for pastry cream:
1 cup milk
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 vanilla bean or 1 tbsp extract
4 egg yolks
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp white flour
for the outside coat:
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (190g)
same amount of coconut milk (measure inside the condensed milk can)
3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

makes about 25 breads


  1. Ra, você não tem noção de como sou louca por isso!!!! Final do ano vou cobrar pra vc fazer pra mim!!!!!!!! Ficaram lindas as fotos!!! E o Lance está uma fofura como modelo. Beijão

  2. Love the recipe, definitaley trying it at home. Oh and I love the new kitchen stuff I see you brought from Europe! Keep the amazing recipes coming :)

  3. ohhh wowww, these look beyond delicious and so unique too! I dont even think i can begin to imagine how yummy they are but i would sure love to find out! Delightful post and i loooovvveee your photos :)

  4. We were surprised at work with a batch of these that someone "you may know closely" brought in and they were awesome! He said the recipe wasn't up yet, at the time, but glad to see it's on here now.

    I've never been a fan of coconut, but these were really really good.

  5. Don't forget to taste the greatest torrobolete de girafa!

  6. they look great, I'm going to try them. You are so funny - I love your videos and your wonderful recipes. keep up the good work.

  7. I visited because I saw the recipe; your little brioches look fabulous! I am surprised you got the cream so thick with only 2 tablespoons of thickener. Looks great!

  8. amei o seu blog. com certeza vou visitar sempre. Ano que vem vou fazer um curso de graduacao de Pastry na Le Cordon Bleu, espero fazer doces lindos como os seus :)

  9. Adoro as fotos e a apresentaçao, no próximo lanche vou fazer! =)

  10. Just made them after watching your video! Its awesome!!

  11. I am making these right now I love love loveee this and I absolutely love your videos you're so fun <3 keep up the AMAZING work <3

  12. No Verão passado estive em São Paulo e comi destas deliciosas miniaturas, e desde então tenho procurado pela receita... Encontrei este blog através do fantástico video dos macarrons, mas esta receita deixa-me bastante mais feliz!!
    obrigada :D

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  14. what should i use instead of dry yeast? i don't have dry yeast in my country, we have only like a cube of yeast that is soft when you touch it..i make it to make bread but i'm afraid that if i put a whole cube the sweet bread will grow to much and maybe they won't be empty inside...i mean maybe they will come out like salty regular bread. what should i do? or what is the amount that i should put in?

  15. شكراً
    this is how i say " Thanks" in my language ;Arabic.Thank you a million for this beautiful recipe .I made it today and it was amazing .
    thank you.

  16. hi!

    would this work if i used bread flour instead of all purpose flour?


  17. hello!

    i tried making these breads (they were delicious and not too sweet) but the breads 'cracked' when they were baking. Is is because the oven is too hot?

    please get back to me!


  18. Hi

    I just make those and they're amazing!!!
    I hope you don't mind... i have a few notes:
    I weighted each ball to 20 grm, total - 48 balls.
    The pastry cream lasted to 37 balls.

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I think they should be called - SNOW BALLS :)

  19. Raiza eu amo 'lua de mel', na véspera do feriado comprei uns para o café da manhã ...mas achei caro e fui procurar a receita na internet. Encontrei seu vídeo, dublado, no youtube. Fiz um post no meu blog sobre esses pãezinhos e coloquei lá o link pro vídeo e para o seu blog.

    E como já disseram aqui: muito divertida vc. Adorei o vídeo, com certeza vou espiar outros.

    Valeu pela receita

  20. Simply wanted to say good weblog, that I learn it every now and then.

  21. Hi Raiza,
    I love your blog and your videos :-). I think you are really funy and a good baker too. I can see in your face how do you love food and how happy you are when you cook and bake :-). So I would like to make this recipe and I want to know how many grs of dry yeast come in the envelope that you use because where I live we have dry yeast in a jar so I am not sure how much should I use. Thanks.
    Victoria from Denmark.

  22. What else can I use to cover the outer layer besides coconut? Not a fan of it :(

  23. Oi Raiza, eu fiz essa receita e fez o maior sucesso! Obrigada :)

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  25. I used Baker's Coconut Flakes and the coconut did not want to stick o the bread.. :{ what brand do you use?

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