Friday, July 8, 2011

Viniland: The World that I live at

Orange Juice's factory and the impossible perspective
Viniland is the most magical place on earth. There, everything is as beautiful and as  peaceful as it can be. It is so magical wake up every day in this world full of colors, ideas and serenity that sometimes I can't distinguish dream from reality, well... dream- something you would think about when you see all this beauty but this is actually my reality so... is my reality a dream? yes! and the person who makes my life so incredibly happy in yellow,blue and magenta palette is the owner of all these cakes, farms and flowers- my husband Vini. Who else has the ability to turn a box of orange juice in a waterfall of orange juice with a juicer in impossible perspective located at a fantastic farm?  

He makes things different, he is capable to transform everything in gold by adding his ornaments, colors and vision into every single project he gets. This is what i call dignity: making what you believe and fighting for a better and fair world where you don't give up on your ideas, if you keep the honesty in everything you make you will make a more honest world, even making tv commercials.

Unfortunately some of these commercial proposal images were never approved  by the brand, probably because of the subtlety and neatness of his approach which makes me extremely proud because the way he works is by making every single style frame looks like a piece of art that everyone would love to resize to take the entire living room and what's even more  honest about all of these is that these images and everything I said represents exactly who's Vini: a righteous and peaceful man who always does what he believes and never ever let other things leads the direction, which makes him the richest man on earth (for me) and if you have the ability to see the magic on him or his work, you're welcome at Viniland - where I am the  personal chef and we will have chocolate cake tonight!

This image is part of the Cake Project video I previously posted here  
This image is part of the Cake Project video I previously posted here 

Vini's fantastic plants
I get all exited when he gets a food project so I get to share with him some of my inspirations and we blend it all together making an even more super amazing thing!

To check out the rest of Vinicius Costa's amazing portifolio click HERE

Get inspired!


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  2. oh, this is just beautiful. you two make the perfect pair xx

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  4. Me parece fascinante, un mundo de sueños creativos. Me recuerda un poco a la obra de Dali.

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