Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Croissants- it probably starts with "cro" because that's the sound we hear when a nice croissant is bitten! Very famous for its complications during the preparation but just like other "complicated recipes" it is just a matter of having patience and understanding the steps, once you understand why things are the way they are, you will feel comfortable making even the most "complicated " recipe. For me cooking is like a therapy, I enjoy waiting, and working on it, and waiting again just for the pleasure of tasting the final result and maybe this is the reason why I don't see cooking as complicated.

The most important step when making croissants is to make sure the ambient temperature is not too hot because butter is the type of fat that melts at a low temperature and when it happens during the incorporation into the bread dough it can ruin your layers and ruin the texture and the rising process of your croissants.
Real croissants have a super flaky and crunch texture and the bread like croissants that we often see is made with a different and less laborious technique called rough puff where the butter is incorporated with the dough rather than folded and turned between it. Of course we are not doing that, first we learn the real one and then you can become lazy. ha

3 1/2 cups of white flour (you can use bread flour with a higher percentage of protein which will develop more gluten and make it smoother) + more for dusting
1 cup barely warm water
1 tsp active dry yeast (not instant dry yeast. Active dry yeast is activated with warm liquid and instant  dry yeast isn't)
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 tsp salt
215g or 1 3/4 cups cold butter (try not to use cut pieces, one large piece is the best)
for the egg wash:
1 egg
2 tbsp milk

Things to keep in mind when making croissants or any other type of puff pastry:
1-Always cool kitchen and cool counter top
2-If your butter starts to melt and skip from the dough  put it in your refrigerator right away to cool it
3-Always cool the dough in the refrigerator after each turn
4-Sprinkle enough flour on the surface to never let it stick but ALWAYS brush it off before folding it again
5- Four turns is enough for croissants, make sure you track each turn and let the dough rest for an hour wrapped in plastic wrap in the refrigerator between turns
6- Keep in mind that if the butter is skipping or the dough is tearing- STOP what you are doing and refrigerate it or you will destroy your layers
7-When folding the butter into the dough make sure the butter is not super hard or it will be impossible to spread it evenly when rolling it inside the dough

Temperature is everything. If you've got a hot body you shouldn't be a candidate for this. just kidding =)


  1. If I may, you should have brushed the tops off with eggwash then left them in the oven a couple of minutes longer for a nice golden brown colour

  2. I much prefer croissants this way to the corner store plastic wrapped ones. I'm definitely going to make these when I have a ton of time for rolling and then refrigerate overnight to have them for breakfast. Thanks!

  3. Update! I just made these (I didn't put them in the fridge for 12 hours, I kept them in a warm room for 3 hours for time reasons.) I just devoured the first one, the best croissant I ever had and I can't believe that I actually made it. It was a ton of work but it was a lot of fun and really rewarding. Thanks so much for posting this.

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  5. Oi Raiza, pude ver na sua descrição que você é brasileira, e antes mesmo de ver já havia percebido pelo seu jeito, hahaha. Enfim, eu simplesmente adoro seu blog, receitas tão lindinhas *-* E nossa, eu estou apanhando pra entender algumas coisitxas em inglês, se te interessa você poderia fazer alguns posts em português, né? Sucesso pra você :3

  6. Oi Carolina, eu tenho um canal no youtube que dublo minhas receitas para portugues, ainda nao tenho todas mas ja tem algumas la. Da um search por raizabdcosta e voce encontrara meu canal em portugues.
    Um beijao

  7. Ah, que lindo, já vi todas *-* Muito obrigada pela informação Raiza, tudo de bom pra você, beijo!

  8. Olá querida, foi por acaso que encontrei o teu blog, fiquei encantada. Vi os teus filmes no youtube. Tens tanto jeito, fica tudo com um óptimo aspecto *-* sabes eu queria mesmo mesmo muito seguir o teu blog, através do blogspot mas só me aparece para te seguir por email :/

    Muitos beijinhos continua assim fantástica! ♥

  9. I tried macarons following your instructions and it was pretty well (not perfect but the best so far)

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  10. Hello dear! I am Brazilian and I LOVE your videos! You are a cute and your recipes are divine! I would ask to put the preparation can also be written in revenues. I find it difficult to write down and watch at the same time, they want to have guardadinhas in a notebook. kisses

  11. Oh, my! I believe it's the cutest, most detailed, understandable, fun and useful video on cooking I've ever seen! You are a delight to watch, and I' m sure your recipes will be a delight to eat. I will definately give them a try. Brava, my dear!

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  13. Hi! I was pretty excited to try out this recipe, specially since you made it sound so easy. But i had a problem with my dough, becuase it didnt have this elasticity, so i couldnt cover the butter square evenly with the dough. My croissants, look like anything but croissants, but they do taste good. Do you have any idea what might have gone wrong? Might it have been the flour, or room temperature? Becuase Id love to give this another try.
    Thanks in advance and for this amazing blog and instructive videos. Regards, Mariana

  14. Hi Mariana, if your dough wasn't elastic it could be because you had to add more liquid to the dough or even knead more. Did you do the started properly? and by properly I mean stirring those ingredients in the beginning with the yeast and wait for it to bubble?
    You can not add the butter until you have a dough in the right consistency which means you might have to add liquids, knead more and even let it rest more. After you achieve the consistency that I show on the video then you can add the butter. Give it one more try and I'm sure you will get it right this time . Good luck =)

  15. Hi Dulce.
    I gotta say i love your blog and videos and most of all you recipes. Thank you.
    Until now i have tried making the chocolate macaroons and the croissant.
    I have a question though on the croissant, though they turned out perfect, delicious and my sisters loved them, i feel that they were too buttery(not in flavor, but rather when you touch them). Can I decrease the amount of butter without affecting the puff pastry layers?
    Thank you.

  16. Thank you Dulce for replying back to my previous question. I followed your advice, and they worked out perfectly, but again, i felt a bit too buttery..thanks again, it was very sweet of you.

  17. Hi,
    I am a hungarian, who is married with a greek man. I live in Greece, in the islan of Crete.
    I made these croissants today. They're just perfect! I dont have kitchen aid, to tell the trouth, my mixer died a week ago, so I made it with my hands!
    Thanks for the recipe!
    These are my croissants:
    Thanks again! Have a nice day!

  18. Hi, do you speak protuguese? I'm brazillian too and I'm thrilled I've found somebody who loves to cook and is also from Brazil (big yay!).
    Anyway, I have a doubt, when I have to do the layers again, do I have to make the square of butter and place it on the dough and so on? Or should I just fold the dough like a letter?

    Thanks, lady (:

  19. Hi Raiza :-)

    Thank you for this awsome recipe!
    I'm from Germany and this morning we ate the croissants. My boyfriend and my Grandma love them :-)

    Regards from Germany <3

    Marlene =)

  20. Raiza! Onde eu encontro esse rolo de macarrão? To simplesmente apaixonada! Sou psicótica por coisas de cozinha!!! Seu blog é fofo demais! Parabéns! Bj

  21. Oi Raiza, tudo bem ?
    Quero fazer o croassaint, mas gostaria de saber se o creme de leite é fresco e se o fermento pode ser o biolócico fresco, aquele de fazer pão.
    Desde já agradeço, aaguardo sua resposta.
    Um abraço.
    Sandra Velzi
    Brasil São Paulo

    1. Oi, o creme de leite é o fresco sim e o fermento pode ser o biologico fresco tambem, mas ai dissolva ele da maneira como vc normalmente ja o faz. Boa sorte!

  22. when you say heavy cream what is the ingredients used for it

    1. Butterfat from milk, like whipping cream.

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  24. hi! thanks so much for your video - found it on youtube. its GREAT and helped explains some things to me. i'm working on my 2nd try with croissants and cant wait to try them.

  25. Vinnie Manu JayakumarFebruary 16, 2013 at 3:40 AM

    i would like to try this, but i dont have active yeast in hand, can i use the instant one and activate it ??? and can i substitute heavy cream with milk ???

  26. I made these for the first time today! My house was chilly (about 64) so the dough stayed a perfect consistency. I read a few reviews on other websites recommending high quality european butter. I just used the cheap stuff and i noticed my butter cracked a lot when rolling out so I stopped refrigerating the full hour so that it wouldn't be so brittle. The four turns were definitely necessary despite other recipes calling for three. Also, I found that rolling it out 9x17 made my last roll out too thick so half of my croissants ended up huge! The parchment paper is a must to soak up the butter that comes out when you bake them. Great recipe! I will use it again and again, and maybe get creative with fillings. <3

  27. Olá Raiza :D

    Queria fazer esta receita. Estive a reparar que mencionas que 215g de manteiga equivale a 1 3/4 cups, mas tenho quase a certeza que não :( pelo menos com a manteiga sem sal que estou a usar. 75g de manteiga equivale a 1/3 de copo... Como faço?

    Obrigado pela ajuda, adoro os teus vídeos :D

  28. Raiza, tudo bem? Encontrei seu blog e estou amando! Vou tentar fazer Croissant pela primeira vez baseada na sua receita. Tenho uma dúvida, você menciona que são 215g de manteiga. Porém, pelo seu vídeo parece que você usa o dobro disso. É 215 g mesmo? Obrigada, Karina

  29. Muito obrigada! Abraços Karina

  30. Raiza, aqui é Karina mais uma vez! Estou passando para agradecer. DEU SUPER CERTO! Isso que é croissant do jeito que eu gosto, do jeito que comia fora do Brasil e que por aqui só encontrei pão em formato de Croissant! Estava com tanta vontade de fazer sua receita que nem me toquei que o único fermento que tinha em casa era o biologico seco instantaneo! Segui suas instrucoes usando o que tinha mesmo, porém quando fui acrescentar o restante da farinha eu coloquei mais uma colher de chá de fermento biologico seco instantaneo. Estou relatando isso, pois como deu certo aqui pode dar para outros tb! Estou muito feliz, me sentindo a verdadeira padeira! :) Abraços. Continue o bom trabalho. Ainda tentarei outras das suas receitas. D-us abençoe vc!

  31. Hi, I love your recipe but I had some trouble with the yeast before! Can I use baking powder instead?

  32. Hello, I do not have active yeast, I have instant yeast and I really want to try this recipe. Please tell me how I should go about it? Should I add the instant yeast and flour and same amount of water?
    Thank you. Yours truly, a fan from Pakistan.

    1. Hi, just add it the same way and it will work ;)

  33. Hi Raiza, I was checking out cooking videos on youtube because I'm an aspiring pastry chef and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. And I ran into your videos and they were All awesome! When I was checking out your videos, I thought to myself, man this women looks familiar. After thinking and thinking where I have seen you, I remembered that you came out on Master Chef! You have done great for yourself and I've have been wanting to audition for Master Chef for the longest time. Thank you for everything you've done for your cooking career Raiza, you inspire me to succeed! :)

  34. PLEASE HEEELLPPP!! My croissant looks BEAUTIFUL on the outside, nice and flakey , beautiful layers...but the center seemed like the dough was still RAW!?! I lowered the temp and let it bake for 20 extra minutes and the center was STILL RAW!! Can you tell me why?

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