Sunday, October 16, 2011

Éclairs filled with Cream Légère + Happy anniversary Dulce

Happy 1st anniversary  Dulce Delight! I don't like cakes and for this reason I'm going to celebrate with éclairs-yupi! The aniversary is mine but you are the one who gets the treat: Subscribe to the blog and leave me a comment saying what difference has this site made to your life, small or big, relevant or irrelevant, it doesn't matter. The winner will receive in their house a box filled with treats all made by me, i'm making everything myself for you to thank you for all the support along this first year. Watch out blood sugar!ha. Back to the recipe:

Pâte Choux or Cream Puff Pastry is a super versatile dough that can be turned into éclairs, profiteroles,cheese puffs, etc... and the filling can be made a thousand different ways. Generally speaking éclairs are normally filled with pastry cream and profiteroles with ice cream but this is not a rule. In Brazil there is something called Carolinas which is a profiterole filled with dulce deleche and topped with chocolate glaze, my favorite use of pâte choux.

After baked, pate choux should be light, hollow and dry inside. Drying it out properly will allow the filling to enter the dough and moisten it without making it soggy.
The higher the percentage of protein in the flour the better the structure and the expansion of the dough. Bread flour and all purpose flour are the best options. You can also substitute the water for milk in the dough to produce a richer tasting pastry.

by James Tiampo 

for the pâte choux:
250g water (9oz)
110g butter cubed (4oz)
pinch of salt and sugar
140g all purpose flour (5oz)
3 to 5 eggs (you have to check the dough's consistency)
egg wash:
1 egg
2 tbs milk
whisk it to combine
for the creme légère:
500g milk (17oz)
1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and scraped or 1 tsp vanilla extract
4 egg yolks
75g sugar (2 1/2 oz)
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
100 ml cold heavy cream
for the chocolate glaze:
60g bittersweet chocolate
2 tbsp heavy cream
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp water


  1. Hello Raiza!
    I love your blog - with a lot of love!
    You have inspired me to want to make videos for my own blog, and your last post showed me how! So now, when I go home I will be able to have my own cooking show!
    Also, Dulce Delight counts as my Happy Place on the interwebs...
    Thank you!

  2. Hello!:D
    I've found your videos on YouTube not long ago only and i really love your videos as they're clear and to me it sort of have a vintage feel to it.
    The difference that this site has made is that it motivated me to get my lazy ass off the bed and start baking during my holidays as i've got lots of time to spare.
    Oh and i don't think i'm entitled to this cause i'm not living anywhere near you. Haha, by the time i receive your handmade treats, it'll be spoilt by then:P But whether i get to try your treats or not, i'll still post this.
    Keep the videos coming:) Thank you

  3. Olá! Parabéns pelo primeiro aniversário do blog! Mesmo estando no Brasil, o que dificultaria bastante caso eu ganhasse o mimo de melhor comentário, resolvi comentar e contar um pouquinho de como o blog me ajudou e incentivou a tomar uma das decisões mais importantes da minha vida. Sempre fui apaixonada por comida, desde pequena vendo minha avó cozinhar e me metendo no meio das panelas, mas quando terminei o ensino médio escolhi ser Designer. Amo Design e ele está presente na minha vida todos os dias mas minha verdadeira paixão, a culinária, não me deixou fugir. No meio do ano passado me mudei para meu próprio apartamento com meu noivo, e com isso a responsabilidade de cozinhar para os dois, o que para mim se tornou um grande prazer, e uma aventura diante da vontade de criar receitas diferentes! No Natal resolvi que ia ganhar um dinheirinho com esse hobby e começei a fazer doces por encomenda. O sucesso foi grande e se tornou um job além do meu trabalho como designer. Em uma das minhas buscas diárias pela internet por novas receitas e coisas relacionadas a gastronomia, descobri o Dulce Delight. Não preciso nem dizer que me apaixonei pelo blog de cara né?! Design impecável, edição dos vídeos super bem feita e divertida, e o principal: O amor com que tudo é feito. Me fez dar mais valor aos momentos mais corriqueiros da vida, e que é essencial amarmos o que fazemos. Em agosto deste ano largei meu emprego de designer e resolvi que ia estudar e me dedicar ao que eu realmente amo: Cozinhar.
    Criei um blog para divulgar meu trabalho como confeiteira e hoje trabalho exclusivamente com a minha "lojinha" de doces.
    Estou estudando para me tornar Chef de cozinha e pretendo em breve explorar o mundo em busca de novos conhecimentos gastronômicos.
    Cada vez que assisto a um vídeo seu tenho a certeza de que é isso que quero fazer da vida. Obrigada por fazer parte da minha vida através do seu blog!
    Nathy Alves(Rio de Janeiro - Brasil! \o/)

    Ps.: Desculpe o tamanho do comentário heheh

  4. Congratulations on your first year! I love your blog, the videos are funny and I've learned so much!

  5. Hey girlie!!
    Congratulations on your very 1st anniversary!!
    Finding your blog for me was kind of like finding a buried treasure {cheesy,but true} i just immediately connected with you not only because we are from the same country but your friendly personality makes it almost impossible to not feel like I know you forever! Your great taste in food, your amazing neat kitchen, your awesome hair, and your delicious meals have literally changed the way I cook my meals, the way I decorated my kitchen and it has inspired me in my own blog {}which I have mentiNed you so many times! I've tried most of your recipes and I don't try to keep the buried treasure all to myself. I'm always sharing the love and referring people to you.
    With your talent I know you will just keep growing and I can't wait to follow you in this amazing journey!

    Thanks so much for taking your sweet time and making
    these amazing videos!

    Good luck with everything!
    Camylla Leonardi

  6. Hi Raiza.

    I love watching your bubbly videos. What I love most is your creativity and the effort you put in your videos.

    I really admire the little bits of detail you incorporate in your recipe videos, like the funky coloured patterns on you aprons and table covers to the swishy music.

    I'm a graphic designer and I love to make videos on youtube on cooking and lots of other things relating to health and fitness too...

    Your blog, and videos have inspired me to put a little more of myself in them, just like you do in your videos

    Hope I win! love the blog and would love to one day get my blog as nice as yours!


  7. First, I think you are adorable. And your site has inspired me to make all kinds of naughty food that I normally wouldn't allow myself to eat. It is so fun to watch your videos and drool over all your magnificent kitchen things (like your rolling pin!). Keep it up! Congrats on your anniversary! It's a great blog!!!

  8. Bonjour!
    As I already mentioned, I am in love your recepies.
    I especially love french food, but its tough to do it right. Due to your videos its easier to cook good french food, to feel like being in clover.

  9. Hey babe!!!

    Happy anniversary!!! Hey Hey Hey!!!
    Like your friend and more than this ...Delight Dulce friend, I hope so much that all your dream come true early!!!!
    I am so glad about you like person,like friend,like woman..(oh my god we aren't a child anymore!!),like a wife and Lance mother, about your talent ....maybe I'm a really fan!!rs
    Its true...i'm a fan...and I loved everything you do and are so true, so real, you are the better part of me!!
    I love you so much babe!!! And I really miss my life with you and Vini!! I really really miss you guys...but I know we will get together someday!! It's makes happy for now!!!
    So...Thats it...Congratulations ...I know you all deserve this recognition!!!
    Happy birthday to you Ra and Dulce Delight!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    Your blog and videos have inspired me to continue to learn new things about baking! I love to bake but sometimes get tired of the same things and you always have something new and different for me to try. And I love love love your videos!


  11. Happy first anniversary. These eclairs look delicious.

  12. Hey Raiza!
    I first found out about you a few months ago..
    When I saw the videos on youtube, I jumped right into your blog.
    Your videos are filled with amusement and love for the food you make!
    Each video has something special about it. You make food seem easy to cook and a whole lot bigger than what it truly counts as.. :)
    I love to cook and bake, and seeing your inspiration makes me want to cook with such a desire as well! :)
    Gods Blessings to You and your blog!
    Keep it up; I want to see more amazing recipies!! :)

  13. Hi! I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing and that when I first came across your french macaron video a while ago I was umm i cant think of a good enough word to describe how great it, and all of your other videos I have seen are. So thankyou for being so creative and free spirited as (this may sound corny but oh well haha)you have insired me to bake more. I'm 14 and I have wanted to cook or bake for a living for around five years now, so when I saw your videos I became so much more insired and creative.
    Sorry for the long comment haha, by the way your caramel pecan cheesecake is my, and my dads favourite recipe.
    So thankyou and keep making videos :) xx

  14. Very interesting points. Thanks!

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    regroupement de credits

  15. Happy Annivaersary Raiza. I absolutely adore your blog. I look forward to every single new post that comes out. You are so funny and your videos are excellent. Thank you for making such amazing effort with every single post. I love your recipes. I wish you luck in the future and I hope your days are filled with lots of delicious recipes and rainbows....

    A Cucpcake Or Two

  16. Hello Raiza

    After I found you on youtube, I was extremely happy. Your quirkiness and ability to bake things that i want to do myself really put a smile on my face. I came across your macaron video and watched pretty much the rest of them that day. (: I just enjoy your attitude and personality, and I hope to become carefree like you. I really like your tidbits on your about page, expressing your beliefs about food which are so true. It really makes one think more about what they are doing when they are cooking and baking. Food should just make you happy. (:

    As your name goes, it's really delightful to see what you bring to us next!

    Ps. I love your website design and color choices.

    Have a good day (: looking forward to more~

    subscribed as

  17. Your blog has actually made a big difference in my life. For the majority of my life, I've been overweight (obese actually). And although it might seem funny that a blog with some delicious recipes that have butter and sugar in them has helped me to lose weight, it's true. I've dropped six pant sizes and two shirt sizes, and it's simply because of this: Your website taught me that it's ok to treat yourself as long as you know what's going into your body, and where it comes from. I would binge on those "low fat" deserts and never get what I really wanted. I eat extremely healthy most of the time, and whenever I want a really good treat, I take the time to make one of your recipes and invite my friends over. I love taking the time in college to really make something delicious, and savor it instead of gulping it down in minutes. Thank you for giving such awesome recipes and videos. Whether I get a delicious basket of things to share with my friends or not, I still will love your blog and watch your videos! ^___^ Thank you for being awesome and dancing and stuff. ^____^

  18. Hi Raiza and Happy Birthday to Dulce Delight!! I watched your video for Fruit Tart and since then I became your fan. I'm so excited when I see that there's a new video mostly because they are so fun and easy to watch. I love your attention to detail and all the efforts in making them are very much appreciated. The way your blog and youtube channel has changed my life is that last year I was baking a lot of cupcakes but nobody in my family really enjoyed them that much, they are not big cake fans like you...but baking made me relax so much and I really enjoyed but it seemed wasteful because nobody was eating my delicious baking goods. I shared them but I wanted to please my family. Anyway I lost all interest and did not care much for baking until I saw your videos. So far I have followed 4 of your recipes and my family LOVED them!!!! They are also excited when I'm baking something so everybody is very happy...and my neighbors were getting tired of my cupcakes I think ;)

  19. HI!!!!! I'm so excited that you are doing this contest!!! not only that I really do want to say how excited I get when I see your videos come up in my subscriptions. These videos are great as are your dance moves. I loved your liberty of london vid. I loved it so much I had to make a trip to there when I recently went to europe. I bought a cute doll that you sew yourself but I couldn't really buy any plates because I live in Canada and I didn't want anything to break. Maybe next time. Anyways, keep up the great work. Funny story actually, I'm thinking of visiting new york again this black friday. Are you planning on doing anything??? I love NY and had a great time last year when I visited. You are so lucky to live there. Keep making videos and know that you bring smiles to a lot of people:)

  20. Dear Raiza, happy Anniversary!

    Your creative work and personal style are totally appreciated - thank you sooooo much for putting me out of my antihedonistic stage of life!

    Due to your weekly little pieces of art I've started to experiment and try out new things, to actually fully enjoy the most obvious things in life (sugar, it's so simple!) and ne regretter rien hihi, to decorate my kitchen with flowers and pastels and to feel myself as a little pastry baroness - you are such a good role model for being a real woman, I think. Thanks again for your effort, you really create something unique here.

    Love & Hope for many years to come!

  21. Hi!
    I found your videos on youtube a couple months age and I love the quaility of them. What camera do you use? I want to improve my own blog!

  22. Dear Raiza,

    congratulations on your first year dulce dolce vita!

    I have found you several months ago on youtube while I was looking for some new inspiration in my kitchen.

    Since then it is my highlight every time I see that you have uploaded a new video. It is such a joy to watch you. I have already left you several messages on facebook. Your kitchen design inspired me to bring some more bright and happy colors into my kitchen. And you made me saving money to buy my own le creuset - in yellow.
    But most important: your step by step videos encouraged me to cook more and to try also recipes that might seem complicated. I love that you are showing always the texture that the prepared stuff is supposed to have - that helped me a lot!

    You also changed my behaviour in thinking about recipes. Before I tried them once and if they didn´t came out the way I wanted it to be, tastewise or they way it looked like, I never made it again. Now I am trying over and over again, as long as I am satisfied with it...

    I love your settings, your wonderful kitchen, your style, your passionated attitude, camera perspectives - everything. You are so brilliant - you supposed to be on TV - there is no other one on YT in your range!

    Since I am really far away (Germany) I guess I am not in for the win, but I wanted to send you this words to encourage you to never stop doing what you are doing - it makes me happy!


  23. Hi Raiza!

    Happy anniversary to Dulce Delight! I've always been meaning to comment and this celebration seems like the perfect time to do so.

    I'm Karen, and I'm a college student who has just gotten interested in baking this year. It has always been my dream to bake french macarons. I have tried around five times with different recipes, and I swear I followed the instructions but I have always messed them up in different ways. So I was pretty depressed for a while and I swore that I would quit baking altogether.

    But one day my best friend gave me a link to your video, and I LOOOVED it! At first I was hesitant to bake again, but I started reading your blog and watching all your other videos, and I figured, what the heck? So I tried my hand at french macarons again, and GUESS WHAT? They were perfect! Thank you thank you thank you for re-igniting the passion to bake in my heart! I super love you and your little pieces of heaven. I hope I can meet you someday! Thanks soooo much, Raiza!

    Love, Karen.

  24. Dearest Raiza,

    I've been watching your delicious videos since you first started making them. I once, in frustration, left you a message to keep making more videos so I wouldn't have to keep watching your previous videos 15 times each, but I didn't mind =)
    I love your energy and super hipster music, your attention to the tiniest of details, and the way you cook and bake that even in pictures shows the love that went into it. Anyway, I don't want to ramble, but I cook very often now, with music on, sometimes I almost burn the house down and my food is mostly never edible, but once in a blue moon I surprise myself and well I don't care, you showed me it's the process that's fun and I still love to cook. So thanks, for your blog and videos, keep doing what you're doing please.



  25. Feliz Aniversario!!!
    Happy Aniversary Dulce Delight!!
    I really love your blog your style and your way to make videos!!!

    Saludos desde Mexico City!!

  26. Hi miss Raiza & parabens !!!!

    Your blog I discovered reccently really make me feel that I could cook anything i want and this is magic !!! Thank you
    I already tried macaron and i was really good in doing this for the 1st Time and this because of you and the simplicity on explaining and turning every complicated cooking process into sweet simple things !...
    bons baisers from Paris

  27. Hi miss Raiza & parabens !!!!

    Your blog I discovered reccently really make me feel that I could cook anything i want and this is magic !!! Thank you
    I already tried macaron and i was really good in doing this for the 1st Time and this because of you and the simplicity on explaining and turning every complicated cooking process into sweet simple things !...
    bons baisers from Paris

  28. Hello Raiza!
    Happy Anniversary. I've enjoyed your videos and cooking fun! I discovered your website while learning about macarons from google!

    I'm a young career woman in an engineering industry. I started cooking and baking in order to bring a little sunshine to the work office.

    I hope to be able to share these ideas and wonderful treats with my family in the upcoming holidays.

    Lots of Love,

  29. Hi,
    thanks for the recipe... can you tell me if one can make the eclairs without using eggs... being a jain-vegan, we don't eat eggs, would love to hear about alternatives to eggs in various recipes... thanks and keep up the great work!! :)

  30. I love your style, your hair and your recipes. I found you looking for macarons recipe and added you to my favorites to keep watching!

  31. Hi - Great site!
    I made these - and i have a question:
    everything was tasty, but after i baked the eclairs, I couldn't pipe the cream inside - the shape was wrong -instead of a tube like in your video - they looked like 2 connected profiterols.- I could cut them like a sandwich, but not fill them from a hole...
    can you say what was wrong?

  32. Hi Nir, I know exactly what went wrong. You didn't dry them as much as you should, and if you don't dry them out it doesn't get hollow and can never pipe the cream in. I say several times on the video that you have to ajust the time you leave in the oven with the doors ajar because it changes from oven to oven but you have to test your eclair and see if it's hollow before you remove them.
    regarding the shape, you piped them wrong, that's all, you piped like 2 profiteroles and it became like two profiteroles afteral. hahahaha
    Next time pipe it slowly pulling away little by little until you make a long perfect shape.
    Hope this helps.

  33. thanks for the reply - next time I'll dry them more :)

  34. Hi Raiza,
    Your videos are awesome! :)
    I just have a question about the eclairs. Can these be made in advance before serving? (like the day before)
    Thank you!!!

  35. Hi Athena,
    Yes, but don't fill them until the day you are serving them or they will get soggy. Make everything and keep everything in your refrigerator and until the day you will serve it. The pate choux is good for freezing as well as long as it is not piped with the cream.
    Good luck !

  36. Awesome! Thank you so much. You are so helpful. I can't wait to try these. They look fabulous. :)

  37. I just followed this recipe exactly and it was spot on, perfect. The chocolate glaze is amazing. It yields approx. 12 med size eclairs. Delish!

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  39. oi raiza! as suas receitas sao óptimas.. no entanto tenho uma dúvida quanto aos eclairs. Já experimentei várias receitas, e sempre que eu as tiro do forno, elas baixam :( eu ñao sei porque. não sei se nao deixo o tempo suficiente.. o meu forno é eléctrico, ponho sempre 200 graus, e sinceramente nao sei porque acontece isso :( ajuda-me! obrigada

  40. Ola, voce provavelmente nao esta deixando as eclairs assarem tempo suficiente. Elas precisam ser assadas em forno baixo 180C ate secarem completamente e ficarem crocantes. Como mostro no video quando eles ficam douradas vc precisa testar e ver se estao totalmente secas por dentro, se nao estiverem tem que continuar assando com o forno semi-aberto.
    Alem disso voce precisa "secar" a massa no inicio da receita como eu mostro, mexendo no fogo ate que ela comece a grudar no fundo da panela.
    Pelo o que vc esta falando vc esta deixando muito liquido na massa e nao esta dando tempo para ela assar, se muito humida o processo no forno pode demorar ate 2 hrs.

  41. Hi Raiza,

    First i wish to congratulate you for very nice artistic videos, your music, your helpful comments and all the decor that you use in your kitchen. I can see clearly you are a smart person with a very nice sense of art!
    I tried yesterday your eclere recipe although i had mine, just wanted to have a different view of the recipe... and i want to leave my comments about it:
    - the recipe for the dough of Pate Choux was really exceptional, it made exactly the result of those very grown pates and empty inside, but i have to specify a details that, you went in a hurry and you mention to leave them on 400F for about 40 min which might be to roast meat. I am sure you meant to keep them just for 15-20 min at that temperature and then turn off the oven and keep them until 40 min with the door open for awhile to dry.
    - the creme lejere which was a genial recipe very easy to made and light taste was enough for just half of the baked might be a mistake of me i piped them too much :)
    - the glaze omg was really very shinny and thick , without those teaspoons of water in it. Very easy and smart use of the ingredients for such icing...very nice!
    Raiza, please keep going with those recipes.. It is all the time a pleasure to see how cook can be combined with art in a very smart manner of creation ...All the best for you!
    (i am watching you , ding ..ding.. :) )

  42. What songs are in this video? especially the song at about 3 min 30 sec? I always love the music in your videos, but I'm usually not familiar with it!

  43. Hi Raiza!
    I have some questions about this recipe:
    1) When we leave the oven doors ajar, do we keep the oven on? Or is the oven off but we just leave it in there to cool?
    2) After you made the Cream Légère, how long did you refrigerate it for until you piped it into the éclairs?

    1. Hi,
      1) Keep the oven on at all times
      2) Refrigerate for at least 2 hrs


  44. Hello! Thanks for the great recipe.
    I have a question:
    What's the difference between Creme Legere and Pastry Cream?

    1. Creme Legere contains whipped cream, it's a pastry cream enriched with whipped cream ;)

  45. Vinnie Manu JayakumarMarch 2, 2013 at 11:22 PM

    hi raiza, i tried making this eclairs ysday ,, it came out burnt in the bottom,,, i am using a new oven !! watever i bakes in the oven comes out burnt in the bottom. brownie,scones, cake eehh, everything :( can u give me some suggestion to avoid the burning,
    for baking do we need to switch on two coil, bottom and top or jus bottom !!! please reply :(

    1. To bake you ONLY use bottom, your oven is probably crazy, the temperature must be too high. Try to double pan your baked good (by placing a second baking tray underneath your pan) and also try lower the temperature since it sounds like its higher than it is showing.

    2. Vinnie Manu JayakumarMarch 6, 2013 at 4:49 AM

      yesterday i baked using double pan , and it came out perfect and i also reduced the temperature :) thanks raiza !!

  46. Yo Raiza!
    Is it bad for you to eat the éclairs with some moist dough inside it after adding in the cream?

  47. Hey Raiza,

    So I've been wanting to do this since a month, but i didn't have the chance to ask you, which gas mark shall i select? the one with the fan or without? and the heat must be coming from only the bottom of the oven or both sides? And 400F = ???C ?

    Thank you.

  48. Great recipe thank you :

    Are u from Israel ?

  49. Você é linda. Adorei as suas receitas, o seu vídeo e o seu jeitinho de passar as receitas. Estou esperando uma receita de sonho com creme.
    Simone Pedroso

  50. Hi Raiza!

    I just made these eclairs with my mother and let me say that it was the best thing ever! :D It just made cooking so much more fun with my mom! :)) I really love watching your videos with mom and your cute bubbly personality makes it so much fun to watch and cook along with! :) Please post a million more fun videos and I do hope you open a pastry/dessert cafe so we could eat there! :)
    Do keep up the amazing work! :))) The eclairs were irrestible. We ate one right after it was filled. It took 3 hours to make but the effort was well worth it! :)

    Thank you a million times for posting these recipes! :D

  51. Oi Raiza o/

    Bem... estou fazendo agora os éclairs. Entendo todas as instruções da receita, só acho que me atrapalhei nas medidas - rsrsrsrsrs - meu cream légère ficou duro :(, aí coloquei um pouco mais de leite para amolecer (não sei se pode, mas deu certo). Estou com o fogão aberto, como você disse - ajar - esperando secar um pouco.
    Raiza será que seria demais pedir as medidas em português? Não confio muito do google tradutor :/ e amo suas receitas.. estou fazendo essa primeiro, mas quero muito fazer o rocombole (bolo de rolo...).

    Adoro seus vídeos também ^^

    Abraços e até. o/

    Ellen Borges

  52. I really love your channel and blog but sometimes it's difficult to find the right conversions. I don't have a scale so could you also put how many cups are used. Thanks for reading :)

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  54. Just made this recipe and it turned out perfect! Thank you!

  55. I just followed this recipe exactly and it was spot on, perfect. The chocolate glaze is amazing. It yields approx. 12 med size eclairs. Delish!

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