Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks - giving - love

Since I moved to the US the only tradition I have on Thanksgiving is going a friend's family house and spending Thanksgiving there.

I truly have an old soul and I love that because even at the age of 24 I appreciate the family moments just like older people do. Most people have to become more mature and older to really understand the real value of gatherings and family reunions, meanwhile, young people would rather just hang out, play loud music and chat with their super "awesome" friends. I'm glad I have never been like that, I love being on places where I feel home, where I can talk about life, hear stories from 1946 and just be surrounded by people that I truly like.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Brazil so I loved to add one more special date on my calendar when I moved here. This date became even more special because every year me Lancelot and Vini are warmly welcomed at this family's friend house, where we have long lovely conversations, my dog can run free and I can see the stars at night .

our little family of 2 1/2

For the Hazelnut mousse recipe that appears on camera click here 

Thank everyday for your existence!


  1. Amo sua old soul, seu cachorro educado e nossas conversas sobre a vida no sofá macio, ou no tapete surrado... onde, ao invés de ouvirmos as estórias de 1900 e bolinha, recontamos. Me surpreenderia que vocês não fossem tão bem acolhidos!

    Só devo fazer um adendo: o prato de sobremesa do Vi está dando dois dos meus!!! hahahha :D

  2. I enjoyed this, great stuff! Stop by and say hi sometime windermere hotels

  3. teu site já é um dos favoritos. Daqui mesmo do Brasil, com um pé no mundo...

    Beijos e desde já um feliz 2012!


  4. Oh my goodness.

    I am a lurker through and through on your site (I never comment), but this post had me suppressing the tears!

    So beautiful.

  5. I'm appreciative for the love implanted in my heart, Oh what a path for every day to begin! Whenever envy and bragging have been rejected, I know by God that my heart's been kissed.