Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chocolate Custard with Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Center

All the fanciness are to represent how special Christmas is! This recipe is not only amazing because of its flavor but also because of its texture and appearance. The gold raspberry on top sets the Christmas theme to the dessert and the fact that it's covered with cocoa powder makes it a mystery, you can't tell its texture until you spoon in and after you do, oh well...what an amazing surprise: a dark chocolate custard center with a raspberry. 
Just like any other custard, this one is slowly baked in a bain marie (water bath) and most of its creaminess comes from the condensed milk instead of using the most usual "milk and sugar" combination. The dark chocolate custard on the inside is basically  a truffle involving a raspberry  and the only way to describe this whole dessert is the word perfection.
Christmas is time to spend even more time in the kitchen making all kinds of deliciousness for the beloved ones and even people who doesn't really cook on a regular day basis, end up attempting some yummy recipe to contribute with the traditions of the holiday.
My only wish on this Christmas is that all of you get very inspired by the festivities and continue cooking all year long, proving that the culinary world is reachable and everybody can contribute for a more fair, slow and pleasant way of eating.

dark chocolate center (truffle):
120g dark chocolate - at least 60% cacao
6 tbsp heavy cream
9 raspberries (it depends on how many custards you are making)
butter for the pan
1 can condensed milk (save the can to measure the next ingredients)
1/2 can heavy cream
1/2 can whole milk
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder plus for dusting (I used Valrhona)
2 large eggs
for the raspberry garnish:
edible gold glitter dissolved in a tsp of vanilla extract
or gold spray

Utensils: individual tin molds or ramekins, little brush to painting the raspberries.

Merry merry merry Christmas ;)