Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chocolate macarons with dulce de leche

Everybody loves this little incredible pastry and everyday more and more people wants to learn how to make them. I often have people contacting me with questions regarding macarons so I decided to make another  video tutorial even more detailed and more informative than the last one. I think there are many reasons why people are so in love with macarons but I think the most relevant one is because of its versatility. People love to play with food and incorporate their favorite ingredients to it and macarons are this kind of food, simple and easy to adapt other flavors and even when you do, it always maintains its integrity and identity. I've seen creme brulee flavored macarons, snickers, ketchup and the list goes on and on. Macarons create the illusion that you can play a lot with it but the truth is, you are tied up to its technique and there is only a little you can do to actually change it.
On the shells you can add different nuts to add other flavors and also add some texture on top with ingredients such as dried fruits, nut bits, lavender, cacao nibs, etc... I use to say that the filling is the part where you can really be creative and do almost whatever you want with it just being careful with the texture or it could ruin the shell, fillings too liquid aren't good.

Chocolate macarons are less sweet than the regular ones, even though it requires the same amount of sugar the cocoa powder neutralizes the sweet taste and for this reason I had the chance to use dulce de leche in the filling without making it too sweet.
The video is self explanatory and I hope it vanishes all the questions you had regarding macarons once for all.

110g raw almonds
200g confectionary sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
90g egg whites- aged for 2 days in your refrigerator 
pinch of cream of tartar
40g granulated sugar
300g dulce de leche- learn how to turn a can of sweetened condensed milk in dulce de leche here .
You can also use this vanilla filling or any other filling of your preference .
Raspberries - optional

Music List:
1- Kimbra- Settle down
2-Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un Ma Dit
3-João Gilberto- Cordeiro de nanã
4-Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis
5-Vinicius de Moraes- Essa menina
Music played by me: Hall and Oats - Kiss on my list


  1. chocolate ones, love them!!! nice song, cool to hear you singing ;)

  2. Oi raiza, o seu blog é lindo! adorei as receitas e os vídeos. Mas uma curiosidade, onde voce aprendeu a cozinhar todas essas coisas gostosas? você é formada em gastronomia ou estuda aí em NY? =]


  3. granulated sugar = açúcar cristal?

  4. Raiza, you always make me smile! Your videos are so fun to watch.
    Best to you!

  5. Eu de novo, rs...
    açúcar comum é qual tipo de açúcar? estou iniciando na cozinha agora! muito obrigada por responder!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and your song at the end was very good!

    I plan to attempt to make macarons again this week. This first time I made them my sifter didn't have large enough holes so I had to locate a different one. I think I'll try these and make the homemade dulce de leche.

    Thank you for sharing this video and hopefully in time I'll be able to make my own to teach those that read my blog.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Ah, you make me want to brave a macaron recipe again! 2012 resolution, maybe...

  8. Good video. It is also recommended to firmly tap the tray with freshly pipped batter on the kitchen counter to release any potential air trapped at bottom while pipping.

  9. oi Raiza, descobri ano passado seu blog atravez de um video seu.e logo adorei. porem não entendo nada de inglês. e queria que se possivel traduzisse outros videos, pois adoro! tambem já fiz algumas receitas!

  10. Raiza, your blog is so cute and u r so adorable! i think that you should tell us more about you! (:

  11. what a fun video to watch!!! Love it not only did I learn something I also had fun learning how to do it. =>

  12. will the aged egg whites go bad? E.g. Bacterial infection?

  13. Hey, I love you and your recipes! Can't wait to bake something! Don't ever stop makin those videos :))

    Lots of love from Slovenia <3

  14. Not if you hold it in your refrigerator =)

  15. You are sooo cute and funny! I always wait for that WINK at the end of each show. Your youthfulness and vigor in life make me laugh. Keep it up !

  16. Esta receita é absolutamente maravilhosa; fiz estes macarons duas vezes este fim de semana e ambas vezes saíram perfeitos. Muito obrigada Raiza!

  17. eu AMO o seu blog! obg por fazer esse 101 tão bem explicado. além disso, o seu gosto musical é ótimo ;)

  18. Your blog's unique. I love the style!

  19. eu amei a receita!!
    a receita ficou muuito gostosa, mas rachou. acho que foi pq fiz no forno eletrico, vou testar no forno à gas, que é menos quente.

  20. Nooooossaaa que delicia! Traduz o video para portugues por favor! As brasileiras agradecem! haha Amo muito suas receitas =*

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  22. adorei seu blog parabéns, suas receitas são otimas e da muita vontade de correr para cozinha e começar a cozinhar agora mesmo.

  23. Raaaaaa, morri!! Qnd vier vai ter que fazer essa receita hehehehe vou tentar aqui, mas nao tenho seus dotes culinarios ne =P beeeijos

  24. wow, I love your blog, all your recipes look so damn yummy, omg, Im dying just by looking at this pics!
    and where're you from? brazil? well, I am, I was wondering if you were too cause I've read in your flickr something about tapioca.
    check out my blog


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  26. Hey! I was wondering if I don't have a food processor and I want to use almond flour, how much almond flour should I use? I same amount as the raw almonds? And how much powdered sugar should I use if I am using almond flour???

  27. Hi, use the same amount of everything.

  28. i love your videos! and your photos!!
    for some reason my macarons aren't being macarons lately -_- i think i need a new oven.

    how do u get this amazing light? and what camera/lens do you use??

  29. Thomas Trevethan Pastry and Confections Las Vegas
    Chef Thomas Trevethan Secrete to the French macaroon!!!

    It all starts with the filling - butter cream can be traditional, but by far not the best flavor it's dense and firm enough to stick the two cookie halves, but the result you will get is a French Macaroon that is to sweet to eat.
    There are another two options, Pate De Fruit or a thickened fruit jelly, or a cocoa butter based ganache which gets our vote as being the best combination of sweetness from the cookie and acidy from the fruit.

    Basic Macaroon Cookie
    Based on Chef Thomas Trevethan recipe we recommend that you mix the egg whites and almond mixture together gently until it 'soft as silk', or until a peak in the batter will slowly sink back down into the rest of the mix.

    1 1/3 cups icing/powdered sugar
    5 oz (1 cup) almond flour or finely ground almonds
    2 large egg whites
    pinch of salt
    1/4 cup granulated sugar
    1/2 teaspoon extract of choice: almond, vanilla, orange, lemon, pistachio... (optional)
    few drops food coloring (optional)

    On four pieces of parchment, trace 1-inch (2.5 cm) circles about 1 inch apart. Flip each sheet over and place under your baking paper.
    Sift almond flour and icing sugar together into a bowl. In a clean, dry bowl whip the egg whites with salt on medium speed to stiff peaks. The whites should be firm stiff and shiny.
    With a soft spatula, fold in the icing sugar mixture into the egg whites until completely incorporated together.
    Fit up a piping bag with a 1.1 cm round tip, pipe in spiral shaped circles and then let sit for 2 hours until a shell forms on the French Macaroons.
    Heat the oven to 165C/335F and bake for 9 to 10 minutes, or until set and firm on top. Rotate the baking sheets after 5 minutes for even baking.
    Remove the French macaroons from oven and transfer parchment to a cooling rack. When cool, slide a metal offset spatula or pairing knife underneath the French macaroon to remove from parchment.

    Match up your same size French Macaroons and pipe your favorite filling then enjoy.

    Thank you for reading from Thomas Trevethan Pastry and Confections, it is our hope that you will return soon, see more of our Macaroons at

  30. OOoooh! these are so YUY! I made some for my daughter's first birthday party, and everybody LOVED them! and they were suitably impressed as well! :)

  31. I love, LOVE ur blog,you are very nice and your recipes are great, I love your macarons recipe, I made pistachio macarons with some minor modifications and post it on my own blog, I love your kitchen and I appreciate the effort you make to create these very good video tutorials.

  32. Ohhh I did it in my house!! thank you! Im glad of my macarons jajaja but instead of the dulce de leche i used Nutela, really good!!
    Thanks, from Barcelona!

  33. I tried making the Chocolate French Macarons with Dulce de Leche but they came out to runny? Did I not measure the egg white correctly? When piping them on the parchment paper and then they would connect with the one next to it. It would not stay in a circle.

  34. Hi, if it was too runny it means you stirred for too long or didn't whip the meringue enough. You have to test the batter like I show and stop stirring once you reach the texture I show on the video. Good luck

  35. Hi! I love your blog! I tried making these Macarons and have a question. When I baked them as you said (after letting them sit out to form a shell) the Macarons cracked when I baked them and the tops were wrinkled. Can you tell me what I did wrong? I also tested the batter before piping as you showed.

  36. oh, bummer. vimeo is too slow! youtube is more ideal, I think.

  37. Menina
    Voce é mto fofaaaa e divertida
    continue com seu blog
    sucesso certo viu
    pq vc nao faz os videos em portugues tbm???
    beijos , de uma brazuca morando no canada rs

  38. gonna try to make them tomorrow for my mum as a mother's day thing. fingers crossed they are gonna work out!!!

  39. So yummy , gonna try it soon

  40. i can't get it off my pan :( what came wrong? i used parchment paper by the way

  41. Olá Raiza!

    Primeiramente parabéns pelo blog e pelas deliciosas receitas!
    Acabei te encontrando por acaso, enquanto buscava receitas para macarons e agora não consigo parar de ler! :)

    Hoje tentei fazer sua receita (sem o chocolate) e pela primeira vez meus macarons ficaram realmente com caras de macarons! E a textura ficou ótima, não viraram suspiros! Muito obrigada!

    Mas acredito que errei em algum ponto, pois a parte de baixo, que estava em contato com o papel manteiga, ficou bastante "chewy"(não encontrei melhor descrição). Eu ficaria imensamente grata se você pudesse me ajudar a descobrir o que fiz errado...

    Ah, acrescento que utilizei o recheio que você mostrou na receita do pistachio e fiquei encantada!

    Novamente... parabéns!
    E obrigada por compartilhar essas delícias com a gente!


  42. I really want to try this but I don't have an oven. Can I use my turbo broiler for baking macarons? Please help me :( Thank you!

  43. I NEED your kitchen. And lovely video

  44. Ai céus! Vou tentar denovo!! Me empolguei com seu vídeo!!
    Gostaria de saber a temperatura para assar, entendi 300°F para pré-aquecimento, mas não entendi se é a mesma temperatura para assar....

    Depois conto como me saí com os benditos macarons que não acerto nunca!!!

  45. Hi! I just tried to do it!
    They are cooling to go to the oven!
    I'll come here and tell you the result!

  46. ahhhhh!!! eu estava tão feliz! a massa estava idêntica a sua (pelo menos eu e eles ficaram tão lindinhos na forma, mas não assaram direito e não desgrudaram do papel nem com reza forte! ficaram completamente chicletentos! em torno de quanto tempo devem ficar no forno? eu mantenho os 300F? eu não vou desistir!

  47. omg. you are too cute! Your video was entertaining and informative. Thank you for the step-by-step and troubleshooting! :) GREAT JOB!!

  48. Hello, I'm going to make a rather big batch of macarons for a fund raiser, just wondering how many macaron shells does the recipe yield? THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  49. you sound awesome when you're singing! why do you sound so squeaky/like you're forcing a falsetto when you're speaking?

  50. ooi raiza!! fiz essa recita hj!! estava tudo certinho,e eles estavam crescendo normalmente no forno, mais depois de uns 10 minutos eles comecaram a ficar craquelados no topo, oque eu devo fazer para isso nao acontecer denovo?

  51. oi raiza! pode me dizer quantos ovos equivalem 90 g de claras? eu fiz os meus, mas parecem muito aguados :( usei 2 claras mais meia, mas nao sei, se mexi demais, nao sie :( vamos ver se secam para meter no forno! vou ficar a espera da sua rsposta! obrigada

    1. Normalmente são 3 claras. Se a textura esta mole podem ser 2 fatores, ou mexeu demais ou não bateu o merengue o suficiente. Boa sorte ;)

  52. Hi,

    i wanted to ask you something,
    i don't know how to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius, can you tell me 300F equals to how much celsius please??

    1. As long as it's pluss degrees you can always just half farenheit degrees and you'll get Celcius.

      Another tip is to use google! Google will translate anything like that you just write:

      300 fahrenheit to celsius

      Then the answer will pop up. That goes for anything you need calculated. Like cups to grams or ounces to gram or gallons to ml etc etc :)

  53. Hi Rosey,
    300F is 148C
    Thanks for stoping by

  54. Oh darn! I find it so hard to get them to rise, and keep their "foot" like you've managed! Mine start out good in the oven, but ends with them flatening out a bit. They still taste nice, but they do not look good :( Any tips or ideas as to what it might be? I think I followed your recipe to deatail, and it's very well deatailed thank you! Only maybe it's something about the cooking stage, as that's the only thing that is still a bit unclear to me.

    1. Sounds like your oven temperature is messed up. Probably too low or too hot and isn't giving your macarons that super growing kick start . I think you should try to increase and lower your temperature a little bit at a time to test. Try bake them at 280F and then 320F. Make one recipe, and bake in different temperatures then you can compare.
      Good luck!

  55. Hi Raiza!
    I made these macarons but in the mixing between the egg yolks and the dry ingredients step, it was soo sticky ! And when I baked it,, it had a shell and feet from the outside, but from the inside, it was runny.
    What did I do wrong?

    1. I mean egg whites xD

    2. If the batter was too sticky maybe you had to stir some more to loosen it up or maybe you dried your egg whites too much ( I mean you whipped it for too long).

      The amount of ingredients is also something to consider, did you precisely measure it or just converted for cups?

      The fact that it was runny inside is because it wasn't done yet when you took it out of your oven, you have to wait till the inside is set (but still a little gooey) to remove them. Since you describe me that the appearance of your Macaron was perfect maybe the only problem you had was removing it from the oven too early.

      Good luck next time and I hope it helped ;)

    3. ThanQ ;) ill try to do them now :)

  56. Deu certooooooooooooo! Achei que ia explodir de tanta felicidade!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk! Mas só consegui acertar depois que comprei um forno elétrico com aquele ventiladorzinho atras..... Agora ficam perfeitos!!!! Thank you! :D

    1. Ai que bom! Sabe, o maior problema com os macarons é a temperatura do forno e fornos eletricos são mais estaveis, por isso tem mais chance de dar certo ;). Fico feliz!

  57. This video is so so cute. After watching it I decided to give it a try. Well I can tell you that I almost got them perfect. Not sure if they baked too fast or what but the top cracked on most of them. They still came out crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside but just the presentation is not that great.

    Will try again soon...I am very for trying at least :) love your blog and videos

  58. Oi...Raiza tem problema eu fazer os macarons em um forninho eletrico basico??
    Parabens pelo seu é otima!!

    1. Oi isabeli, nao tem nao, contanto que o forninho tenha temperatura estavel ;)

  59. Can I just tell you how adorable and amazing you are!!! As I'm typing, I am getting ready to pop my french macarons in the oven. As I have been searching high and low for the best explanation on how to make it, you are the BEST by far. THEN... I was looking at more of your YouTube videos and never knew you were on Master Chef 3!!!! You are truly an artist! Thank you for sharing your love and passion with all of us!

    1. Oh Karen, thank you very much. I hope your macaron turned out the way you wanted and if not, don't give up ;)

  60. Olá Raiza! Eu adoooro o seu site! As suas receitas parecem mágica!
    Eu tenho algumas dúvidas:
    1-O açúcar usado é o açúcar de confeiteiro?
    2-posso usar a farinha de amêndoas, certo? qual se parece mais com o macaron original?
    3-quanto tempo devo deixar o forno pré-aquecendo?
    4-e quanto tempo devo deixar meus macarons assando? (meu forno é grande, o fogão tem 6 bocas)
    5-com esse fogão, a temperatura deve ser 148°C?

    Desculpa estar te enchendo de perguntas!
    Parabéns pelo site!

    1. Oi Vitoria, na receita utilizo 2 açucares, o que uso 200g é o de confeiteiro e o que adiciono nas claras é o comum granulado.
      2-Pode usar farinha de amendoa, da tudo certo a unica coisa é que se elas foram moidas com casca a textura do macaron fica um pouquinho menos delicada, mas da certo tambem.
      3-15 minutos pre aquecendo ja esta bom
      4-Não da para saber precisamente o tempo de forno, depende da humidade, temperatura, enfim. Varia de 15 a 25 minutos.
      5-A temperatura deve ser sempre 148g

      Beijos e boa sorte


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  62. Hi Raiza!

    Your videos are great. I tried making macarons twice and I found them to be very sweet. Is there any way I can cut down on the sugar? I find a lot of macaron recipes call for so much sugar and I don't like my macarons to be so sweet.


  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Hi,
    This video cleared all my doubts about macronage mixing. And at last i made macaron perfect after many disasters.
    Thanks dear
    Tc ,

  65. hi raiza, if i add food coloring to make them a different color would that jepordize with the consistacy??.would it make the batter too runny considering im not using cocoa powder?

    1. No, it would not, it would work perfectly ;)

  66. Eating them 2 days after? They should be locked somewhere... perhaps in a bank... Great looking and finally a very clear recipe!

  67. I was looking at more of your YouTube videos and never knew you were on Master Chef 3!!!! You are truly an artist! Thank you for sharing your love and passion dissertation superior with all of us!

  68. Raíza, deu TUDO errado na minha receita!
    Fiz tudo certinho, processei a farinha de amêndoas, o açúcar e o cacau em pó. Bati duas claras envelhecidas (pesei e deu 90g certinho) e adicionei o açúcar. Mas quando fui misturar as duas estapas, minha massa ficou muito dura! e quanto mais eu mexia, pior!! estou suuper desapontada... seus vídeos são maravilhosos, mas o que fiz de errado??

  69. Hi Raiza!

    Before anything I just want to tell you how truly inspirational I think you are! You are simply amazing.
    Now, on to my question: I took this baking class last year and the chef said something about how important a convection oven (fan-assisted oven) is in baking macarons, I was wondering what your take on it is?

    Thanks! :) More power to you and much support from me! :)

  70. Olá, Raiza!
    Faz um tempo que fico espiando seu blog (muito original e fofo e meigo de tudo!) e resolvi escrever pois possuo um blog também ( e estou compartilhando seu vídeo dos Macarons por lá. Espero que não haja problemas.
    Muito obrigada por compartilhar todas as suas dicas com tanto bom humor.

  71. Hi Raiza!
    Thanks for all the great videos and detailed recipes! Your song selection is beautiful. My boyfriend Daryl and I are making these right now! Love it!

    Hema (Singapore)
    P.S. Love the cute apron too!

  72. yum but it turned too sweet for me :( can i reduce the amount of icing sugar??

  73. Raiza adoooooroooo seus videos, vi umas 100 vezes o de macarons porém nem assim deu certo, eu fiz com o papel manteiga e eles escorreram demais ficaram muito mole na hora de colocar na forma, e não desgrudaram também depois. O Papel manteiga da certo?
    Ai fiquei tristinha, mas não vou desistir vou tentar de novo.

    Abraço tudo de bom!

  74. Hi, can I still use your macaron shell recipe if I didn't use almonds?

  75. Oi Raiza, seus vídeos são demais! Vc me encorajou a fazer os macarons! Já tentei vááárias vezes e só dá certo quando faço a massa 1/2 amêndoas e 1/2 outras castanhas, fica perfeito com pezinho e tudo. Quando faço só de amêndoas não dá certo, fica sempre grudado ou rachado ou não crescem pezinhos. Me ajuda por favor? Bjusss

  76. Hello Raiza, I like all your videos. Thank you very much.
    Do you mind telling me the brand/type of the food processor you used in video to grind almonds and sugar? It's difficult for me to get pure powered sugar in my country so I plan to buy one processor to do the job. Yours looks perfectly compact for my kitchen. Thank you!

  77. Olá Raiza,
    Estou encantada com o seu trabalho! Tudo muito lindo!!!

    Vou tentar fazer os macarrons e vi que você usa uma "plaquinha" de silicone na forma, mas só queria saber se dá certo com o manteiga.

  78. Hi Raiza! I am going to try making these awesome macarons, I don't have a scale though and I'm having a hard time finding out how to convert the egg whites.. Could you help please? Would be so appreciated. Thank you!

  79. loooove your blog!! so haappy and unique!

  80. I followed every steps but they still deflate :'( but its still a well explained tutorial!! love it

  81. This is really delightful and healthy treat for me i always like to eat chocolate with some rich flavor of strawberry and honey. You made my day more delicious and yummy by sharing this chocolate flavored french macarons. I damn sure when see this post my mother definitely try this and bake it with full dedication and love.

  82. recipes vary with amount of egg whites from 2 to 4 .. how would this affect recipe?

  83. Seu blog é perfeito! Seus videos mais ainda!!!
    Decidi q farei macarons pois vc super me inspirou ;)

    Só tenho uma duvida:

    Esse açucar de confeiteiro é o impalpavel?

    Por favorzinho, me responda!!")

    Bjs, Jessica

    1. Isso mesmo, é o impalpável Jessica ;)

    2. Muiiiiito obrigada!

      Você é uma fofa, super descolada, tem bom gosto musical, além de na cozinha ser mais que supreme!
      Fico mt orgulhosa de ver que uma brasileira foi a primeira a ter canal desse tipo no you tube!

      Já assisti quase tds seus vídeos e quero uma cozinha igual a sua rs



  84. Oi Raiza!!! Amo os seus vídeos e principalmente o seu bom gosto culinário! Te todos os Vlogs que acompanho, vc é a mais divertida e a que mais me motiva a desafiar minha preguiça na cozinha, hehehe!

    E aí eu me aventurei a fazer essa receita de Macarons com recheio de Musseline (cuido para não falar/digitar Mussoline... maracons fascistas, hahhaha) só que com concentrado congelado de morango. Pois bem... meu forno não é lá muito novo, inclusive a porta não fecha direito. Logo, acredito q por isso a maioria dos Macarons não tenha crescido aquela "saia" em volta. A maioria estorou em cima enqto esta na forno.
    E qto ao MUSSELINE de morango, o gosto de margarina ficou bem acentuado, embora eu tenha usado as medidas certas e aquela margarina culinária q se vende no mercado. Aí eu te pergunto: vc utiliza MANTEIGA mesmo ou simplesmente margarina? Será que o meu problema foi q eu utilizei margarina mesmo ao invés de manteiga???

    Grande beijo linda!!

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