Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passion Fruit Napoleon

Mille Feuille also known as Napoleon is a french dessert that usually consists in 3 layers of thin puff pastry with pastry cream between . Of course my version of Napoleon isn't  as simple but is certainly as delicious. In one of the layers I used passion fruit mousseline instead of pastry cream all the way, it adds a tanginess profile to the dessert and makes it more interesting, from my point of view it is too safe to go only with buttery puff pastry and sweet pastry cream. A fruit mousseline is basically a fruit pastry cream that uses fruit juice instead of milk. 
Layered desserts are great but there is one little thing that annoys me: the filling oozing all over the place leaving you with a crust only and a sad memory of what all that flavors together would taste like when biting together. To avoid that, I decided to increase the amount of cornstarch in my pastry cream in order to make it thicker and easier to hold together  after the first bite.

To me there is an incoherence in the baking process of the puff pastry for this dessert. A puff pastry is known for its hundreds of layers characteristics that makes it rise like craaaazy, right? Well, for this dessert specifically we do want the hundreds of layers but not the rising part . In order to achieve this  Mille Feuille requirement the dough must be baked trapped between two baking trays that will put some weight over it and avoid the crazy rise. The result is pretty satisfactory, a super crunchy crust still thin enough to keep our dessert "good looking". 

Refrigerate your Napoleon before consuming for at least one hour, it will help the cream to hold together and besides that I think there is nothing like a cold dessert, right?

for 6 small napoleons 
500g puff pastry - to learn how to make your own puff pastry click here 
for passion fruit mousseline:
1/2 cup passion fruit puree dissolved in 1/2 cup water (if using other fruit juice use 1 cup of the juice and no water)
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3 tbsp cornstarch 
100g cold unsalted butter (1 stick)
for pastry cream:
500g whole milk 
1/2 vanilla bean 
4 egg yolks 
75g granulated sugar 
20g flour
30g cornstarch 
Confectionary sugar to sprinkle on top 
2 tbsp toasted skinless almonds (chopped)

Music List 
A menina dança- Marisa Monte
Always on the run- Yuksek
Ahiê- João Donato
Host- Alex Winston 
Tres letrinhas- Marisa Monte

ps: the portuguese recipe that I was going to make didn't work out the way I wanted so I changed for Napoleons. I hope you like it too !


  1. As always your videos are so entertaining and informative.

    I received some passion fruit from a friend for my birthday and wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it. Now I know. Thank you for sharing this fun recipe!

  2. Oh my goodness. I can't get enough of your videos. Thank you so much for making them. I think that you are much, much better than many television chefs by far!

    Happy Easter!

    xx Carina

  3. I think these look so cute when you make them with circles! You're videos are my new favourite thing right now!


  4. They are amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  5. I love watching your videos and pictures!! I noticed the lined paper block it! Do you mind telling me where you got it?? Thanx
    All the best, greetings from Germany :)

  6. I have been watching your videos for a while now and after some months away, I am always refreshed with your newly uploaded videos. I just wanted to say that I love watching them, I think you have a great shiny personality and I just love the soundtracks you add...every time, they are just awesome. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your videos and that you are awesome in inspiring me to bake!

    Also greetings from Germany!:)

  7. Just found your blog today... and I love the recipes and videos! Thanks so much, these are great and I can't wait to try them all!

    I was also wondering where you got that lined paper dish, it's super cute.

    And another hello from Germany too! =)

  8. I just discovered your blog and have been watching your videos since yesterday all day long ;) Thank you very much for sharing.. I want to eat everything!!!!!! ;)

  9. You're adorable! Your videos are so much fun to watch.

  10. I have just come about your blog, and I am definitely sold! You are so sweet and charming, and the way you present your recipes is superb. And as a semi-secret admirer of Brazilian culture, it's great to see that you add little bits of it here and there. I am 100% sold, and definitely a new follower! :)

  11. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! You're absolutely AMAZING. Thank you for all your hard work in making these videos. They're lightyears beyond others who do the same sort of tutorials... xx

  12. Just a quick word to tell you how great your blog and your recipes are. Plus you're immensely likable & I like your jokes which only add to the charm of it !

    beijinhos & obrigada pelas receitas, especialmente para a receita dos bolinhos de bacalhau que a minha mae (infelizmente) nunca me insinou !

  13. Hi I'm Líllian loved your recipes, I have an idea for you, cook carrot cake from Brazil, is a "delicious".

    The recipe:


  14. i took french in high school, and i'm by no means an expert, but I do know that mille feuille is pronounced "meel fuy"

    if you're having difficulty pronouncing things, as I saw you also had trouble with paté feuilletée (pah-tay fuy-tay) in the puff pastry video, you know you can always use google translate and it will pronounce the words for you.

  15. Hey is there anyway i can print the recipes?? :P lovee your recipes and blog btw <3

  16. hello,

    i found you via youtube and i love your blog!
    i really want to make these cuties on the weekend!

    i have one question: ...[1/2 cup passion fruit puree dissolved in 1/2 cup water (if using other fruit juice use 1 cup of the juice and no water)]...

    if i use f.e. mango-puree (i just smooth fresh mangos in my mixer) than i have to dissolve it with one cup of water?

    and if i use f.e. cherry-juice (no puree) i just take 1 cup of the juce?

    looking forward to make them...yours are looking sooo beautiful!

    1. Hi, if using any other fruit juice just use 1 cup of juice ( passion fruit is too strong that's why I add some water).

      In case of mangos I would just puree it and use 1 cup ;)

      In case of cherries you just have to keep in mind that the taste must be strong enough to flavor the mouseline, maybe just a regular juice won't do it.

      good luck ;)



  17. Hey Raiza, is there any way you can give me the pastry cream recipe converted to ups and tablespoons, etc. please? I need this quickly please

  18. Can you post the music you used from your video, please? :)

  19. Vinnie Manu JayakumarFebruary 10, 2013 at 3:19 AM

    am making this on coming valentines day !! and am sure he will impressed !

  20. Hey Raiza, I am making this for a school project (French class) and I was wondering... Can I assemble everything the night before and store it in the fridge? Or will the creme get all watery and floppy and the puff pastry too hard?
    Also if I use strawberry puree, I shouldn't mix it with water, right?
    Thank you so much, I love your blog!!!

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  22. hi! these napoleons look really good and I just wanted to ask if we could use vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean, by 1/2 vanilla bean do you mean just half of a vanilla bean?

  23. My puff pastries turned out too puffy and they weren't becoming golden in the 20 minutes after sprinkling with powdered sugar. I did everything you did, but it still turned out that way. I used strawberry juice for my mousseline, and I followed all of your directions but it came out way too thick, and then lost its flavor when I added water. What could I have done differently?

  24. Hi ! Your tecipe needed a passion fruit mousseline and a pastry cream . In your video you only used the passion fruit mousseline . So what do i do with the pastry cream ?? I did not know whst to do and i actually combine this two together and now it does not have the texture of a butter cream , it is a liquid with thick consistency ! Please reply and tell me what to do now !

  25. Hi ! Your tecipe needed a passion fruit mousseline and a pastry cream . In your video you only used the passion fruit mousseline . So what do i do with the pastry cream ?? I did not know whst to do and i actually combine this two together and now it does not have the texture of a butter cream , it is a liquid with thick consistency ! Please reply and tell me what to do now !

  26. Same question here.. where is the recipe to know what is it all about or I simply need to sleep after having a glass of Pure Goji Berry Juice. I m not that much of chef types.

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