Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kumquat Frangipane Tart

Along these years I've learned to become more of a "fruit dessert kind of girl". When I was younger my concept regarding desserts were: if there is no chocolate it can't be called dessert! but the creative monster that lives inside me was getting tired of the same flavors over and over again and decided to teach the taste buds that I have that other combinations could be just as satisfying and that's how I began to change. 

Frangipane is one of the most classic fillings for sweet tarts and one of my favorites. It consists in the combination of almond cream with pastry cream and don't confuse almond cream for almond paste. Almond paste is an industrialized paste made from the mixture of bitter almonds and regular almonds, the bitter almonds provide a distinct flavor for the almond paste and if you've never had it you have to try to understand. Some almond cream recipes calls for almond paste, some others don't, I find much more attractive and interesting the ones that calls for it and mine does call for it.

I decided to use kumquats because I believe the only use you can give to this fruit is to incorporate it into sweets. To me seems impossible someone enjoying popping one of these things straight in their mouth , it is super ultra sour (trust me, I tried to).  Many recipes uses candied kumquats which is easy to do by boiling it in simple syrup, it breaks the strong flavor of it and turns them more "usable"so if you decide you want to use them for a baked good this is an option to consider.

Last time I made frangipane tart I used candied pears on top and it was also delicious but I was missing some flavor that distinguished  better from almond cream so the kumquat was the perfect solution, it adds without overpowering it.
Don't have kumquat? use pears! Don't have almond paste? Make simple almond cream! Like to use store-bought crust? get out of here! HA.

Pate Sucree:
200g all purpose flour
40g sugar
pinch of salt
100g cold unsalted butter
5 tbsp cold water
Almond Cream:
80g almond paste
50g sugar
70g unsalted butter
2 eggs
1 tbsp almond extract
20g (1 tbsp) almond flour ( just grind skinless almonds)
20g (1tbsp) cake flour
Pastry Cream:
250ml milk
1/2 vanilla bean or 1 tsp extract
2 egg yolks
40g sugar
10g all purpose flour
10g cornstarch
150g of kumquats


  1. Just a stupid question: is "pâte sucrée" the "English" for "pâte sablée" ? I am French and I have never heard of "pâte sucrée" but it seems to me it is a pâte sablée...Is there a difference, I am totally ignorant in the matter !

    Looks delicious whatever the dough is anyway ;)

  2. I love kumquats! never had almond paste, so I'll have to try this! As long as I don't burn the crust like I usually do haha.
    Thanks for the video <3 - Farah.

  3. this looks delish.... I have the same motto, if not chocolate why bother,but I am finding myself tired of the same as you, so I am working on other flavours too.... I guess our taste buds want a variety as we grow older....(and wiser)

  4. Hi Forrest,
    No, a pate sucree is the sweet version of pate brisee. Did it help? hahahahaha
    They are both flaky doughs very much used in culinary, very basic and versatile. A Pate sablee is the richest and most buttery dough from the group =)

  5. Beautiful dessert and great video. I always enjoy your videos. They're so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Please stop by my blog sometime to say hi.

  6. Oi Raíza!!Meninaa...aonde vc arruma esses utensílios maravilhosos???Tô fazendo meu enxoval e tô super inspirada!!hehehehehehe!

  7. Lovely, fun video as always! Could you include the list of songs played in it, please? Obrigada.

  8. Hi Raiza, I really appreciate your blog and the recipes are wonderful.
    But is that the videos are in English and I'm from Brazil and get a little complicated to understand the revenue, and has translated a few on youtube. And I wanted to ask you to put the writing mode of preparation, because it is easier to translate, and easier for those who see your blog here in Brazil. Kisses and sorry bother

  9. Raiza, você é o máximo garota! Quanta energia, rs! Entro de vez em quando pra ver umas receitas diferentes, e como a colega acima Kharenn também estou montando meu enxoval e fico maravilhada com seus utensílios! Aqui no Brasil é tão complicado de achar essas coisas fofas.. :( Parabéns pelo blog e pelas receitas fabulosas!

  10. Raiza! Thank you for your recipes!! they are sooo delicious.

    I have a question.
    your pâte sucrée recipe is so good. so I use it many ways.

    But when I did blind baking, it shrinked. I kept pâte sucrée in the fridge for 30 minutes and I folked the hole and I don't Stretch it.
    what did I wrong? :'(

    Again. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes!
    And sorry for my bad english

  11. Hi, if you let the dough rest long enough the only other reason that could be is the amount of water added to the recipe. If you add too much water it shrinks . Don't forget the dough is supposed to rest twice, once before rolled, and again after is rolled out in the pan for another 30, 40min.

    1. Thank you Raiza!!! My problem is solved!!!

  12. Raiza, Thank you for your French inspired recipes :) I absolutely love your blog and channel on youtube, I've been watching it all day ! I would like to know how long can I keep the dough for the tart in the refrigerator before using it ? Will it be okay for a few days until I'm ready to use it ?

  13. I find much more attractive and interesting the ones that calls for it and mine does call for it.

  14. you've never had it you have to try to understand. Some almond cream recipes calls for almond paste, some others don't, I find much more attractive and interesting the ones that calls for it and mine does call for it.

  15. This is a beautiful tart. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation.

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  17. hola raiza que creativa y divertida eres veo tus videos en youtube o en line por gnt, eres grandiosa y simpatica!!! mil cariños desde chile region de la serena