Monday, June 11, 2012

Le tecniquê: how to chop an onion

This is a new series of videos that I'm happily launching today. Le techniquê consists in short videos featuring simple professional tricks from the kitchen, basically, easy techniques that makes all the difference. I'm gonna keep it simple, dynamic and fun and I hope you can improve your skills by watching it plus you can see me( i mean, my hands) more often too.

On this first episode you will learn the right way to chop an onion, this method will result in tiny little dices great for any dish and recipe. The importance of properly chopping an onion goes beyond the aesthetic of the dish, it is also important for the safety of your fingers and the taste of your food. If you are one of those choppers who uncontrolled hits the knife a thousand times against the cutting board you should know that you are killing your food, when the food is hit more than it is supposed to it starts to release liquids in the board and not in your dish, I don't think I should explain any further, do I ? :)

Chop it like a pro!


  1. Thank you so much for starting this! Now hopefully my onions won't look like they've been attacked by something! =)

  2. Thanks for the video! Even though I love cooking, I was always insecure when it came to chopping onions.

  3. Nice lesson :)

  4. Olá Raiza,

    descobri seu blog por acaso. Agora não saio dele. O seu blog é muito bom, você é legal e suas receitas são de dar água na boca. Gostei muito de você ter participado do Masterchef. Assisto no Discovery outras versões.

    Tomará que seu blog seja descoberto por outras pessoas e que você se torne ainda mais famosa.

    Abraços, Emílio, MG - Brasil

  5. Olá, fiz um referência a esse seu post no meu blog, espero que não tenha problema, coloquei o link e tudo o mais.
    Fiz isso porque esse post me ajudou MUITO! Espero que você continue com esse blog lindo, caprichado e informativo por muito tempo!

  6. If you are going to teach people how to cut vegtables you should first teach how to "cut" with your knife (which clearly you do not). i.e. slice into your product not press, thus crushing the product

  7. This is so helpful. Thank you for the video. I loved your comment " You don't need to chop like a crazy ninja" hahahah. Keep on the series :)

    Lisa | Happy By