Friday, August 16, 2013

Strawberry Almond Pie

A pie without a crust! This is a simple summer recipe to refresh your mouth and soul Strawberry Almond Pie (aka strawberry frangipane pie). To me summer is all about fruits, I eat them, I put them in my recipes, in my drinks and I can never get enough of them. Somehow during the heat  I lose my appetite and become a little picky with what I choose to eat so this recipe was specially chosen for this time of the year.

I hate air conditioning and doesn't matter how hot it is I open all my windows and try to get as much breeze from it as possible (sometimes in nyc this is not an option) . I don't really know why but I feel like the air being spitted out of the walls are not as fresh or healthy and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, so when I say I take summer recipes very seriously I really do because in my house is always summer at this time of the year, inside and outside.

But back to the recipe, this Strawberry Almond Pie is one of those recipes completely simple to make but with that taste that makes you wonder how hard it was to achieve, you know when you eat something and you don't instantly recognize the taste of it and then it makes you wonder how that was made? This intriguing feeling is one of the most exciting things in the kitchen and the responsible for that feeling in this recipe is probably the almond paste. Well, almond paste is an entire section of this episode, I explain where it comes from, how it's made and why it has such a distinct flavor and I think you will be surprised with the answers ;)

Butter for greasing 
5 large egg yolks
1 cup confectionary sugar 
1 1/2 cups almond flour or ground almonds (with or without skin)
2 tbsp almond paste
1/4 cup milk or heavy cream
1lb small strawberries 

Preheat oven at 375F.
Make the sabayon : whisk the egg yolks with sugar over a double boiler until it triples its volume, looks very pale yellow and slightly warm. Remove from the double boiler and add the ground almonds and almond paste mixing well to make sure the almond paste dissolves into the batter. Add the milk (or heavy cream) and stir well. Butter a pie dish that is around 8 inches and pour the batter over it. Hull the strawberries and spread them evenly over the batter . Bake it in the middle rack for about 20 minutes or until the center feels set. 
Serve it warm or room temperature, it tastes great on the next day too ;)


  1. Ja estava com saudades dos seus posts!

  2. this looks so fresh and yummy! my mouth is watering- i cannot wait to try this. It's been a while since your last video, but you made the wait worth it. :)

  3. Saudades mesmo! Não some!

    Ah, nunca vi essa pasta de amêndoas aqui no Rio, vc sabe se existe ou se posso substituir por outra coisa? Fiquei com muita vontade de fazer!

    1. Oi Ma, ai vc deve encontrar sim em loja especializada mas se não puder não coloque, ainda assim a torta fica uma delicia. Alias, se encontrar essencia de amendoa pode ser uma boa substituta para a pasta . Obrigada e um beijão.

  4. Could you start posting the music you use in your videos, please?

  5. Great looking pie and amazing recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ola, adorei, vou fazer cá em casa, aposto que vão todos adorar :D


  7. three cheers for tiny strawberries!!

  8. Adorei a receita, o melhor é ser gluten free!

    Assisti TODOS os seus vídeos, fiz sua chocolate and banana pie e o pessoal do Brasil me pediu a receita. Fiquei em dúvida quanto ao heavy cream da ganache, te deixei uma mensagem no Facebook, mas imagino que você receba centenas delas por dia. Ficarei muito feliz se puder me responder, como substituir o heavy cream nesse caso? Acho que o creme de leite não serviria porque precisa ferver.

    Sempre te indico para minhas amigas, suas receitas são demais e os vídeos super divertidos!


    1. Oi Ju, o heavy cream é o creme de leite fresco, aquele que bate Chantilly. No caso da ganache precisa ser ele mesmo mas da pra encontrar facinho nas geladeiras de supermercados ai, ta? beijão

    2. Eu moro em NY tbm, mas o pessoal lá no Brasil viu foto da torta e pediu a receita... Não tem problema ferver o creme de leite fresco?
      Vou traduzir a receita para eles, obrigada!

  9. AUhauaha adorei o vídeo! Não tem aquela coisinha certinha de receita, vc mostra como é feito e mesmo com erro, fica genial!


  10. Hello!

    I like watching your artistry...

    I was wondering whats the songs in Portuguese that you play in the background? I usually listen to jazz when I'm cooking/backing but would love to know the artists you've been listening to.. :-)



  11. Hola, adorei a receita,

    Adorei tambem a tigela rosa de coraçao, a onde voce compro?

    un abrazo desde España

  12. Hi Raisa,
    I will try to make it! Looks delicious, I'm a fan, keep going with this amazing work, you inspire me to spend more time in the kitcken and think that cooking is fun!
    PS: You can check out, I also have a few recipes on my blog

  13. tell me,please,which camera to shot your video?

  14. Yummy . . . I can not wait to try this. Your kitchen and your entire presentation is delightful.
    I am a huge fan.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  15. Hi Raisa...I will try your recipes, but I will cook with microwave oven. Is there any diferences with the temperatures & time, or using the same temperatures & time?

    Thank u

  16. Hi.. such a long time and no update from u.

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  19. They look so delicious. I enjoyed the delicious strawberries so. It's really amazing.
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  20. can you substitute almond paste with almond butter?

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