Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Party time! Last episode of the year with big news!

Dulce Delight is growing but it will never lose my personal touch. 
The year is coming to an end and I can't believe it. This year was definitely the busiest year of my life. I accomplished so many goals I had in my head in both my personal and professional life and I know for sure that 2014 will be one of the greatest years of my life. 

I know that Dulce Delight's episode frequency got much slower this year and I heard your complaints, each one of them. In order to accomplish some of the goals I had in my head/heart I had to slow down the filming this year, fold my sleeves and go to work outside my kitchen. 
Dulce Delight Store was launched and it's growing, a month ago I opened a franchise in Brazil (do I own a multinational now? wow) and many new products and kits will be part of my store in 2014. I worked on scripts and filmed one episode for a big TV channel that wants to take Dulce Delight to a whole new level. I developed art projects and projects to engage the community in conscious cooking. I met many incredible local producers. I traveled a lot. I didn't make any good friend but I kept all the good ones I had before. I feel older and wiser and now I know more than ever that I want to keep my brand very personal (that kind that feels small even when it's big). 

These accomplishments made this year depended on me a lot but to me that's exactly where the magic lives, keeping my business close, personal and intimate. Creating my episodes, answering emails and handwriting thank you notes for each customer takes a lot of time but this is the model of business that I want to build, a solid foundation in personal relations. To me there is no point of having a brand if it stops representing me, if it stops having my personal touch,  if it pushes me away from the people who likes me! Trust me, doesn't matter how big I'll get, my model of business will only grow to the point where I can have control otherwise there is no reason to keep going.

This episode you'll watch is the last one of the year and it's the last one in that kitchen where it all started in 2009. In 2014 Dulce Delight will start to be filmed in my brand new house in Brooklyn and in this celebratory episode (I was a little sad to be honest) I wanted  to honor us, me and you for all the accomplishments, thank you for the support, for the good vibrations and for growing with me and making this little project of mine grow so much that it became who I am today.

To me 2013 was the year to plant the seeds and 2014 will be the year to harvest!

For this New Year/Honor episode I prepared my favorite drink in a batch, easy to serve a whole party: Sake Strawberry Caipirinha a drink inspired by a classic Brazilian drink but with Japanese alcohol, Sake, instead of Brazilian cachaça. Sake is lighter, cost effective for a big party and tastes great in this recipe. Every single time I make this people drink it until its last drop and then they start to drink any other alcohol available in the party (that's how great it is).  I also prepared 2 classy but still easy appetizers that won't take too much of your time and won't let your guests down: Peach wrapped in prosciutto and mini caprese salad in a skewer.

serves 4
for the drink:
1 lb fresh strawberries - washed and hulled
1/3 lb fresh raspberries
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 L Sake - fermented rice japanese alcohol (found in any liquor store)
2 cups of ice 
(taste it and if it's too strong add more ice)
for peach appetizer:
4 peaches
1/4 lb prosciutto - I used San Daniele 
32 small skewers
for mini caprese salad:
handfull of small basil leafs 
1 lb small fresh mozzarela balls - also known as bocconcini
1 lb cherry tomato - grape tomato also works
3 tbsp olive oil 
smoked salt and black pepper to taste-you can use regular salt 
30 small skewers - I used plastic ones because I like reusable stuff.


  1. Bravo!
    You deserve all the success you are having..Uniquely charming you are!
    Everything in your line is so cute..Just look at what you had done to your kitchen♥
    Take care Raiza~

  2. The end was so sad! Good luck in your new house and kitchen!! =]

  3. Congratulations on all your success and your new home! :D
    Your drink looks fabulous! I prefer sake as well for its lighter taste. Both the appetizers look delicious and I love how simple they are to prepare! Prosciutto + peach sounds like a perfect combo!

  4. it's sad to move, but if you are moving for a better place there's no bad aftertaste!
    happy new year raissa!

  5. That was great! Looking forward to seeing what you're up to in 2014!

  6. I'm making this tomorrow Raiza! :) but you forgot to include how many raspberries are in the drink!

    1. You are so right Claire. I just fixed. Thank you ;)

  7. Woow!
    Fiquei emocionada com tudo! O texto, vídeo, músicas....
    Seu capricho em tudo faz a diferença, Raíza! Dá pra perceber que seu coração está nisso! Parabéns por todas as conquistas! Você merece!
    Agora estou ansiosa com essa nova temporada! Não tenho dúvidas de que será ainda melhor!
    Suas receitas já passaram a ser minhas também!
    Beijo grande!

  8. Dear Miss Costa
    Congratulations for that good news. Hope you'll announce when TV show of Dulce Delight's is ready may be lucky to follow it. Getting wise doesn't mean getting old, wisdom adds more beauty to your happy persona. Best wishes and regards.

  9. Brava! You deserve everything wonderful you get. :)

    Where do you find the great music you always use on your show? I love it!

  10. Oh my God...I'm touched by this episode. Congrats for you... *happiness teary eyed*

  11. Raíza, você merece!!
    Você é talentosa e carismática. Me apaixonei por você desde o primeiro vídeo que vi. Assisti todos, TOOOOOODOS, alguns deles assisti inúmeras vezes.
    Choro sempre que vejo o episódio do Master Chef. Já indiquei seu blog para váááárias pessoas e todos amaram!
    Isso só mostra que você ama o que faz e por isso faz bem feito, você passa essa paixão para o seu público. O fato de você ser brasileira só me deixa mais orgulhosa.
    Sou sua fã, de verdade!
    Meu sonho é um dia poder te dar os parabéns pessoalmente.
    Todo o sucesso do mundo pra você nesse ano e em todos os outros que virão.
    Mil beijos.

  12. Another interesting information, it gives me a lot of good information. Congratulations on all your success and your new home. Take your look great! I love sake and for its mild flavor. Both looked delicious appetizers and I love how simple they are to prepare! Looking forward to sharing more from you.

  13. Oi raiza! Adorei seu vídeo de despedida, assim como adoro todos os outros! Parabéns! :')
    Deixa eu te perguntar, no final você desecapa sua geladeira (maravilhosaaaa btw). Você mandou fazer isso ou fez sozinha? É tipo um adesivo? Adorei!

    Um beijo

  14. Wishing you a wonderful 2014 and successfully, I myself was always hoping this year with a few relatively big changes.

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  16. Hi, congrats Raiza. So proud of your success. I can't wait to see your new kitchen. BTW where did you get your pitcher or jug from? Its so cute. I love it.

  17. Raiza, I love the way you do everything. You are a beautiful wonderful person. I was very sad also to know that you and us had to say goodbye to your "first" kitchen. But I know big adventures are waiting on the new one. Also, if you are in there, that is the only thing that matters.

  18. Nossa assisti voce na globo hoje, e corri aqui p ti conhecer, confesso q fiquei maravilhada com o seu carisma e alegria … eu tambem sou uma big fan de culinaria, e amo misturar essa coisa da America e Brasil … Deus abencoe voce, muito sucesso e vou assistir todos os seus videos ….

  19. Hello Raiza! I'm from Spain and I've never ever tried peach and prosciutto (but definitively I will). What we usually eat here as an apetizer is "melon con jamon" which is basically prosciutto and melon, it's delicious.
    Congratulations for your success, you deserve it!

    P.S. Italian prosciutto has nothing to do compare with a good spanish "jamon curado" hehehehehe ;-p