Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sneak Peek at my brand new kitchen (and a giveaway)

The time is getting closer ... the time where I'm going to share with the world a new season of Dulce Delight - in a brand new kitchen! This sneak peek is just to kill some of your curiosity that I know it's been giving you chest pain (almost???!!).  The brand new episodes in a brand new kitchen starts Friday, February 10th . You can expect a whole lot of me, exclusive desserts and a lot of dirty dishes  to wash afterwards. And don't worry, I'm not changing OUR show. Dulce Delight will remains true to its concept : well developed pastries, honest ingredients , integrity in the process of making real food and a host that always tells the truth! 

Enjoy these tiny bits of my new kitchen and see you next week ;) PLIM!