Friday, March 14, 2014

Lê techniquê: How to create sugar thread

In this episode I will teach you how to create a beautiful sugar decoration called sugar nest or sugar thread without candy thermometer. Learning how to properly work with sugar will ensure a very sophisticated look to your pastries because you can create dozens of different designs using the same technique. The sugar thread technique is also known as homemade cotton candy and it's extremely delicate.

Here you can understand the difference between sugar temperatures and how the stages are called:

Soft Ball: 116º - 118ºC
Perfect for Italian Meringues

Hard Ball: 125ºC
Perfect for fondant, marzipan and marshmallow

Soft Crack: 134ºC
Perfect for nougat and taffy

Hard Crack: 145ºC
Perfect for all sorts of decorations, glazed fruits, hard candy and pulled sugar

Caramel: 160º - 182ºC
The hotter the temperature is the darker the caramel will get and the stronger the flavor will be. Perfect for brittles, pralines, glazed nuts, etc…

On the next episode of Lê techniquê you will learn how to glaze fruits, nuts and how to create caramel cage.