Thursday, March 20, 2014

Official Dulce Delight Trailer

Few days ago I had to comp some of my work into a short video for a presentation that I was doing. While going through new and old footages I decided to create the official video trailer for Dulce Delight because I have way too many cool shots not to share with you all ;) (ok, I sound pretentious here but I'm really proud of the work I've accomplished by myself with zero external help ). 

The problem was that I had to explain my whole work in little less than 2 minutes. That was hard! So hard! Not visually because that part I knew I could accomplish easily but the verbal part, the text, that 2 minutes I had to say everything that Dulce Delight is. My work is a mixture between my love for art, food and sustainability working together to achieve a better reputation for desserts. I also believe in a better world made by people with better intentions spreading more information. My road was long before I even got here so perhaps I had way too much to say. 

A good friend of mine told me the other day that if you can't explain a concept in one sentence (almost like a slogan) than your idea is probably not strong enough. I agree with him but when it comes to our lives the concept is way  deeper and complex (and Dulce Delight is my life, big part of it at least).

Anyways, I accepted the "challenge" (that was never really a challenge) and decided to legitimate what Dulce Delight represented to me in few sentences (c'mom, I couldn't do only one). I'm not sure if I accomplished that but the bottom line is that it was very rewarding to me to see the consistency of my work in every single take I've done in my videos. The colors , the information, the humor, everything. That was so me!

All of that thinking made me think of one more thing... I'm curious to know how would YOU describe Dulce Delight in only one sentence? Leave a comment here and my favorite ones will be posted on social media with credits, of course! Can't wait to hear that from you cause sometimes the way people pursuit you is not the same way you see yourself.