Thursday, April 10, 2014

The True Red Velvet Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting

No cake is more overrated than the Red Velvet Cake. Red is color and won't taste like anything no matter how much you love this classic. 
I battled a lot with myself before I decided to make this episode for you because even though I've always knew I'd create a tastier healthier version of it for you I still thought that maybe the world didn't need another recipe on how to make a red cake. But guess what? The world didn't need another red cake recipe but it desperately needed an updated version of it! 

After perfecting a technique that I've always enjoyed (using veggies as dyes) i thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to create this episode with an all natural batter and a twist on a classic frosting: Goat Cheese instead of Cream Cheese. 

My technique used here to reduce the beet juice leaves almost no taste at all in the cake batter. The juice brings an unusual (but very pleasant) sweetness to the cake and a very good texture as well. It's beautiful to see how betanin (natural pigment from the beets) are powerful and fabulous to play with.

My idea to use goat cheese in the frosting was very simple: people love cream cheese frostings because of its tanginess and no cheese knows better about tanginess than goat cheese. Chèvre when mixed with sugar and extract is unrecognizable, all that there's left is a rich piquant flavor, lovely! 

Regarding the traditional method for making the Red Velvet Cake I can't say much otherwise I'll maybe hurt your feelings. I believe we always need to know what we are putting into our bodies and if a recipe gives more importance to the aesthetic created by an ingredient than for the ingredient itself this recipe is mediocre. That said has a lot to do with what a red velvet cake represents, a regular cake famous for being brightly red using chemicals to make the appearance of it appealing.  

The red color found in the traditional red velvet cake comes from an artificial food dye made in a lab with chemicals derived from petroleum. Sometimes a single recipe calls for an entire bottle of it. Independent studies have shown how each artificial color harms your body and the red color (specifically) can trigger hyperactive behavior, is highly allergenic and has shown to contribute to cancer , including brain , testicular tumors and colon cancer. I'd suggest you to read more about this matter and then maybe you will conclude that this recipe I made goes a little beyond the challenge of creating a bright color with only natural ingredients, it's a cake revolution! ;)

1 1/2 cup unbleached flour (it has to be unbleached)
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp natural cocoa powder (don't use dutch processed)
3/4 cup reduced beet juice (made from approximately 6 beets). Don't use beets from a can or industrialized beet juice because it doesn't contain enough betanin to color your cake.  
1 tsp rice vinegar (you can use other vinegars)
1 tbsp lemon juice
100g unsalted butter at room temperature (8 tablespoons)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup buttermilk 
All ingredients must be at room temperature. 
110g cream cheese (4oz)
110 grams goat cheese (chèvre- 4oz)
5 tbsp unsalted butter
2 cups confectioner's sugar 
1 tsp vanilla extract 
Mixed red fruits to decorate such as raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. (optional)

1- Preheat oven at 350F. 
2- Juice the beets in a juicer and pour it in a small saucepan. You can also use a food processor instead and puree it with 2 cups of water and sift it. Over medium heat reduce the beet juice to 3/4 of a cup. Let it cool and add vinegar and lemon. 
3- In a bowl add flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder. Reserve.
4- In a mixer or using a whisk cream the butter with sugar until pale yellow. Add eggs (one at a time), vanilla and buttermilk. As soon as the buttermilk goes on stop whisking it. Add this mixture to the dry ingredients and stir well. 
5- Add the beet juice with the acids and stir it to combine.
6- Butter and flour a 9" baking pan or three 5" mini pans. 
7- Pour batter over it and bake it for approximately 35 minutes in the middle rack or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the middle of the cake. 
8- To make the frosting add all the ingredients together and whisk it for 5 minutes until very fluffy and combined (in a mixer or by hand).
9- Let the cake cool completely before frosting otherwise the cheeses will melt. Serve it with red fruits on top! 

Enjoy the tasty redness and don't forget your 3D glasses !


  1. Hi Raiza, I randomly stumbled upon your videos and I love them! You have such a fun, energetic and bubbly personality. All of your videos are so entertaining xx

  2. Oh, what camera and lens do you use to record?

  3. Yes! I loved this video. I'm also really into that cake banner.

  4. You have such a great cooking channel, it surprises me that you are not way more viewed. I hope so in the future ^__^

  5. Very cute cake Raiza! Loved that you used beets for food colouring! happy weekend xoxo

  6. Olá Raiza, sou uma super fã das suas receitas, e seu estilo maravilhoso de fazer tudo isso. Gostaria de saber se você tem alguma receita de bolo de aniversário diet?? Meu sobrinho esta de aniversário mês que vem, e gostaria de fazer um bolo bom, procurei por receitas na internet mas não achei nada que agradasse e que uma criança fosse gostar, queria o bom bolo gostoso, com morangos e chocolate pq sei que ele adora e fosse bonito também. Você pode me ajudar??? Grande beijo <3

  7. Oi, Raíza! Você saberia me dizer como encontrar unbleached flour aqui no Brasil? Que tipo de farinha é esta? Beijos

    1. Fiquei com a mesma dúvida!!! Beijos!!! =)))

    2. Outra dúvida que fiquei é sobre o buttermilk... aqui no brasil não se acha em lugar nenhum, mas sei que buttermilk é aquilo que sobra do processo de fazer manteiga. De qualquer forma, dá pra substituir por alguma coisa? Iogurte, talvez?
      Beijos! :D

    3. O buttermilk é exatamente o que vc disse, o que sobra no processo de fabricação da manteiga. O melhor substituto ai seria o yogurte natural sem açucar. Ele te trara resultados iguais! ;)

    4. Seria a farinha não esbranquiçada (sem agentes branqueadores).

    5. Será que uma farinha de trigo orgânica teria esses agentes branqueadores? É que aqui no Brasil tem uma marca de produtos orgânicos chamada Mirella que vende farinha de trigo sem ser integral e é relativamente fácil de achar...

    6. Bom, eu entrei em contato com os fabricantes da farinha de trigo Mirella (que é uma marca que possui uma farinha de trigo orgânica que eu consigo achar com facilidade aqui no Rio de Janeiro) e eles me responderam o seguinte:

      "Boa tarde Sra. Jamile,

      Em retorno à sua solicitação de informação esclareço que na Farinha de Trigo Mirella Orgânica Tipo 1 não há adição de produtos químicos (branqueador de farinha), pois poderia comprometer a qualidade do produto e perder a classificação de orgânicos perante as legislações vigentes.

      A Farinha de Trigo Mirella Orgânica Tipo 1 é enriquecida com Ferro e Ácido Fólico atendendo a Resolução - RDC Nº 344, de 13 de Dezembro de 2002 - Ministério da Saúde determinou obrigatória a adição de ferro 4,2mg e ácido fólico 150μg/100 g de farinha de trigo.

      Portanto ela poderá ser utilizada na sua receita normalmente.

      Estela Fonseca
      Controle de Qualidade
      Ocrim S.A. Produtos Alimentícios
      Filial Jaguaré - SP"

      Resta saber se a adição de ferro e ácido fólico influencia no pH ideal para a receita. Se influenciar de uma maneira indesejada aí já era, já que essa adição é obrigatória por lei e não vai ser possível achar farinha sem isso aqui no Brasil.
      Imaginei mesmo que, por ser orgânica, não faria sentido essa qualidade de farinha possuir aditivos branqueadores na sua composição.
      Então fica aí a dica, gente. Procurem farinhas de trigo orgânicas que provavelmente a receita vai dar certo! Eu vou tentar qualquer dia desses e volto aqui pra contar.

    7. Valeu pela dica, estava passando a receita para uma amiga e dizendo que o problema era o tipo de farinha... Ja passei a indicacao da marca que vc citou. Muito obrigada!!

  8. I haven't watched the video yet, but just by reading what you wrote I felt I had to write something here.
    Please teach us how to make the fox sign thingy <3 Oh so adorable. Of course I'll try to make something like that on my own, but it will turn out different (hopefully as cute as yours, but definitively different)
    I'm majoring in chemistry and my Organic Chem. teacher ALWAYS says that we've got to know what we're eating and we have to read everything about what we eat, aka list of ingredients. There are so many things we ingest, without knowing, and eating all this withouth knowing the ingredient list is like signing a contract without reading the tiny letters in the bottom of the page. And knowing what these substances do to us and how they behave
    It pleases so much to see someone aware of that, and with such reach throughout the entire world! Please keep up the amazing work. I love cooking and I'm a sweet tooth too, and your videos have helped me improve my cooking in so many ways that I can't find propper ways to thank you. You're adorable and brilliant, everything you do is so beautiful and clearly made with lots of love.
    I think all I can do is wish you all the best, from the depths of my heart.
    Congratulations <3
    warm hugs,

    1. Thank you so much for this great feedback. it makes me very happy <3

  9. Hey there Raiza! I made ur cheesecake the other day, but used a berries jelly (homemade) instead of the pecan and caramel frosting u made, it was just lovely! I also used fresh cream milk with a bit of lemon instead of the sour cream (which I believe ended up being the same), unfortunately, or not, it didn't survive too long so I could take a picture to send u!
    As on two comments above, I also have a doubt on where to find or what is the unbleached flour here in Brazil, would it be our Farinha Integral?

    Hugs, keep up ur awesome job!

    1. Ola, essa farinha é sem ser branqueada apenas isso, sem agentes branqueadores. Não sei exatamente qual nome teria no Brasil mas não é a integral.

  10. Gorgeous recipe gorgeous cake and gorgeous you my dear!!! Good luck with all future endeavors you may undertake.

  11. Oii raiza! Primeiramente eu gostaria de te dizer que eu sou super fã do seu canal e já fiz várias receitas suas, são maravilhosas :D
    Eu sou louca pra fazer o red velvet, mas eu gostaria de lhe fazer uma pergunta. O que é essa "unbleached flour"? É farinha integral? Se não for, existe no Brasil? Posso substituir?
    Muito obrigada :)

    1. Ola, essa é a farinha não esbranquiçada. Pra falar a verdade não tenho certeza qual nome é usado no Brasil mas não pode ter quimicas branqueadoras.

    2. acho que seria interessante dar uma lida na embalagem da farinha: se houver algum agente clareador, melhor procurar outra...
      Achei um artigo que indica quais são as substâncias usadas para clarear a farinha:
      "Entre os
      agentes usados tem-se: peróxidos orgânicos, como peróxido de benzoila, peróxido de cálcio e dióxido de
      nitrogênio; cloro; dióxido de cloro; azodicarbonamida (ADA) e oxigênio atmosférico (este último da
      maturação natural da farinha). A União Européia não permite o uso de cloro e peróxidos.
      Em países de clima frio seria necessário descansar a farinha por um ou dois meses para ocorrer oxidação
      com clareamento e melhora da qualidade, porém, como isso é antieconômico estes países usam oxidantes.
      No Brasil, somente é permitido usar ADA, farinha de soja enzimaticamente ativa, ou maturar naturalmente a
      farinha. Além disso, devido ao clima quente, a maturação ou descanso da farinha por sete a dez dias já é
      adequada para melhorar a qualidade para produção de pães e provocar algum clareamento da farinha"

    3. Sei que na Europa, tais descoloramentos nao sao permitidos por lei, tanto que as pessoas ate desconhecem que farinhas descoloradas existam. Se nunca ouviu falar desse tipo de farinha entao eh muito provavel que tambem nao sejam permitidos no Brasil.

  12. Me dejaste nocaut con esta receta y video! Besos Raiza!!

  13. I love your recipes and your take on just about anything, but I've gotta say, this one didn't do it for me. It still tasted heavily of beets (juiced them myself) even though I followed the instructions to the tee. Even the color of the cake was off (kinda purplish). I honestly don't know what went wrong. I've never had a problem following your recipes before and everything usually comes out perfectly.

    Is it possible to substitute the beet juice? Could it be that it wasn't boiled long enough? I would really like to have another go at this recipe, but I just can't bring myself to it, knowing that it will come out like it did before.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your videos and I appreciate any kind of feedback! I honestly adore your channel and your work and I'm really looking forward to your next video.

    1. Hello Matute,
      Thank YOU for taking your time write such a wonderful feedback to me and to my followers (even though things didn't go so well for you) . The science behind the color of this cake is simple. If you achieve the right PH in the batter it will become red and bright. To achieve the right PH it's important that you use UNBLEACHED FLOUR, NATURAL COCOA POWDER and add all the acids asked in the recipe. Did you do all that? Another tricky part is the beet juice. I understand that you juiced them but did you reduce them properly? Reducing it will ensure the color and texture of the cake. You are supposed to make 3 cups of juice total and reduce it to 1 cup (simmering, never boiling).
      On my side when I tasted the cake by itself I could taste a hint of beets but after I frosted it, it was gone.
      I hope I have helped and as you mentioned my recipes are so detailed that usually people achieve great results with it but sometimes there are some specific aspects of it that you have to figure by yourself. I hope I have helped a bit here ;)



  14. Olá Raiza, seus videos são ótimos, e como estou começando no ramo da gastronomia nao sei muito bem se aqui no Brasil é fácil de encontrar a farinha não esbranquiçada. Teria algum tipo de farinha mais comum aqui que pudesse ser substituida por essa farinha nao esbranquiçada? Ou entao gostaria de saber se vc poderia nos informar a marca da farinha que vc utiliza, pra tentar achar algum distribuidor dela aqui no Brasil. Valeu, parabéns pelo site!!

  15. love your videos! editing, graphics, prints, humor, music all work so harmoniously together! you've got a great and hardworking team. playlists anytime soon? :)

  16. Can I use this recipe to make cupcakes? Thanks! Great video :3

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I made it and it turned out amazing. My family loved it and couldn't believe that I used beets to get the beautiful red colour. Thank you!

  18. Perfect recipe! I made it a couple weeks ago and it go rave reviews. I made it in two 7in round pans and it was perfect!

  19. Oi Raiza!
    Seria possível substituir o queijo de cabra por algum outro alternativo como o mascarpone?

  20. I am satisfied with the information you bring it very interesting and useful

  21. thank you for bringing the best information to everyone

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  24. amazing cake I love it and it's great to have and strawberries.

  25. HI!
    1. I miss you.I can't wait for your next post.
    2. Do you think this recipe would work as cupcakes?
    Thank you.

  26. Oi, será que consigo substituir o buttermilk por leite vegetal?

  27. In the video you add butter to the frosting, but the amount is not listed in the website. How much butter is needed for the frosting?

    Thanks :)

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  29. It was a great read which was extremely helpful.

  30. sure it will be very tasty.

  31. i love you kitchen n utensils n going to try the cake

  32. Hi Raiza , its kinda urgent can u plz tell me if I can make it a day before and the taste remain the same?????? plz help urgent help needed :)

  33. Raiza, parabéns pelos videos e pelo blog. Adoro a sua ideia de evitar o uso de corantes e de fazer receitas gostosas e que sempre ficam lindas! Meu aniversario esta chegando e eu queria usar a sua receita mas o bolo fica um pouco pequeno ne? Quantas fatias você serviu dele? Beijos!

  34. Raiza eu fiz tudo direitinho! Mas meu cupcake ficou solado. Você pode dar um palpite no que eu errei!?

  35. is it alright that i use food colouring if i cant get my hands on fresh beets?

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  39. Hey heey, sigo seus canal no youtube e adoro suas receitas, mas tenho uma dúvida, querendo mudar um pouco o bolo, poderia rechear o bolo com chocolate ao invés "Cream Cheese Frostings" ?

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  41. Hello Raiza

    Your recipe above mentiones 2 TABLEspoons of cocoa powder but on your video you use only 2 TEAspoons of cocoa - which is it?
    I have just finished doing my cake and the redness seems very faint - I was thinkinig it was because I used honey instead of sugar but am now suspecting it may have been the excess cocoa. Thank you, the recipe is superb particularly the goat's cheese twist on the frosting :)

  42. I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information.

  43. great information for reading by everyone. hope to read more intereting sceipt in your next post.

  44. Cake looks so lavish and wonderful. They look so grand so they must have tasted awesome as well.

  45. Oi Raiza acabei de fazer o bolo parece ótimo... Porém não ficou vermelho������ficou marrom!!! Porque será???

  46. I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style . I added it to my favorites blog site list...


  48. Hai, hope u are doing great.....i was searching a perfect recipe for red velvet cake ...eureka found this...thanks for your recipe....
    i need a advice/ suggestion over a issue...hope u wud help me....what to do if power goes off in the middle of my baking(there are frequent power cut in my place). Thanks in advance.....

  49. hi dear, i double the recipe! and it looks fantastic!
    It turns bright red! (its my 4th attempt). huhuh..

    Since beetroot is imported, they are quite expensive in malaysia. But i really satisfied with the result!!! TQ so much for your video. I am now addicting to it. oh god!

    here is my entry on this lovely red velvet cake.

  50. Hi Raiza! I was making the cake using beets yesterday bit comes out dense so dense not fluffy at all. Could you tell me why?

    1. I had the exact same thing happen to me. Followed the directions exactly...and very dense cake layers..and these dense layers tasted heavily of beets... Maybe Ill try again and modify the recipe to add more lifting agents to make fluffier layers.

  51. Hi do you have to use tablespoons or teaspoons?? Does someone have an answer? Like someone who tried the recipe. Thanks and please start making more videos I love them. :-)

  52. Also I meant to say happy ( late) new year Raiza! Please make more videos too if you can at least one more i love them!!! Thanks! :-D

  53. Oi Raiza! Tudo bem?

    Já fiz esta receitas duas vezes e o suco de beterraba não deu exatamente certo (não acrescentou coloração bacana tampouco reduziu como o seu) e sinceramente, deu mais trabalho que o bolo todo hahaha.

    Gostaria de saber se posso substituí-lo pelo corante natural que você ensinou a fazer, e como introduzi-lo na receita.



  54. Chelsea PortillanoJanuary 10, 2015 at 7:35 PM

    I'm doing this in school on Tuesday! I'm so excited! Thank you for this recipe! <3

  55. Thank you Raiza. I am for natural colors, I have been experimenting with fruits and vegetables. Today I used your recipe for red velvet cake, the color is so gorgeous. So much better than any artificial
    food colors. Also there is no beet smell. Love it and definitely this recipe is for keeps. Thanks

  56. Olá, Raíza!
    Primeiramente, parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho! Seus vídeos são inspiradores!
    Tentei fazer a sua receita de Red Velvet Cake, porém não obtive muito sucesso. Ele não ficou vermelho :( Procurei ser o mais precisa e rígida possível em relação às recomendações para os ingredientes. Utilizei farinha branca orgânica Mirella (para falar a verdade, não é possível saber se não há agentes clareadores, já que a lista de ingredientes é sucinta, igualzinha a de qualquer outras farinha). Fiz o suco reduzido de 5 beterrabas (descasquei, piquei, processei e espremi o purê com o auxílio de um pano de prato limpo. O suco eu levei ao fogo BAIXO por 15 minutos). Quanto ao cacau em pó, utilizei o da marca brasileira Mãe terra, "sem adição de açúcar, 100% natural", conforme dizeres da embalagem). Não sei dizer se se trata de um cacau tipo dutch, processado/lavado com substâncias alcalinas. Será que eu deveria ter utilizado o cacau tipo o "chocolate do padre", da Nestlé?
    Fiquei muito frustrada, pois segui a receita fielmente até o fim. Fiquei pensando o que poderia ter dado errado. Será que o ph não se manteve adequado? Será que foi a beterraba (mas não deixei a redução em fogo alto, nem médio)? Será que foi o cacau?
    Ah, uma dúvida foi: utilizar bicarbonato de sódio ou fermento químico, que, entre outros ingredientes, também leva bicarbonado? Utilizei bicarbonato.
    Ah, a cobertura/recheio ficou uma delícia!! Usei chèvre e cream cheese!
    Bom, eram estas as minhas questões. Obrigada!

  57. Hello Raiza! I tried the cake yesterday but it was not sponge at all! Do you have an Idea why

  58. Hi! So I made this cake but it looked nothing like your, first of all I don't have a juicer so I used a blender, my cake isn't red, it's more like a pale brown:'( any suggestions? If you could please email me at please because I have other questions for you. Thank you!

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  62. Oiiieee Raiza, amo como vc deixa tudo tão divertido.
    Tenho muita vontade de fazer o red velvet no meu aniversário, mas tenho intolerância à lactose e preciso saber se posso substituir por ingredientes equivalentes, porém sem lactose, como leite de vaca sem lactose pra fazer o battermilk, creme vegetal (Becel por exemplo) no lugar da manteiga.
    Ahh, e se posso trocar o limão por laranja.
    Obrigada pela atenção!!!

  63. Aaahhhh, aproveito tbm pra pedir um super favor:
    FAZ UMA RECEITA SUPER INCRÍVEL (como todas as que vc faz rsrs') SEM LACTOSE!!!
    É um sofrimento ver vc cozinhando tantas delícias e eu não poder experimentar nenhuma rsrs'


  64. are this cake can work with white flour ?

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